Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Wrap it up


Day 20 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Wrap it up

My Wrap it Up for Day 20, the end of “BloggingU Everyday Inspiration” assignments is the links to each day and about the new tools and resources I learnt to use that I never knew how to use.

By doing the course I had to learn how to if I wanted to finish it, (which I did), throughout my life I have always finished everything I started to do and I wasn’t going to let myself down by not completing this, which I find some of them very challenging, that what it is all about, Learn by Doing.

First, I will say, What I didn’t like doing in this course “That was Day 9” that was – reaching out to someone for an interview or collaboration.

All though I have reached out and tackled part of this interview, and got some very nice readers that would do an interview with me, I never made it on Day 19, I feel I need another Lesson, I haven’t got the confidence I need to finish it.

If anyone reading this can spend a little time to help, it would be appreciated, I understand it is up to me, but I have never been an interviewer, it needs more lessons and confidence.

PLease comment, if you can help me, I don’t like doing only half of Day Nine assignment.

Day 1

Day 2 –

Day 3 –

Day 4 –

Day 5 –

Day 6 –

Day 7 –

Day 8 –

Day 9 –

Day 10 –

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

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Day 18 –

Day 19 –

I think my most interesting day was Day seventeen, loved the end result, map of where I live.

Thank you, all my followers that took the time to read and comment, you are the ones that helped this old lady get to the end of it.

Blessings to you all.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Feature a Guest


Day 19 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Feature a guest

As mentioned on Day 9, today is the day to publish your collaboration post! Ideally, you reached out to a candidate and gathered what you needed. Today, publish this post and don’t forget to link back to your collaborator’s site.

The extra task for day 9, “reach out to someone for an interview or collaboration”.

I did reach out on day nine, I had four WordPress writers willing to be interviewed as you can see by the comments. I had no idea what I was supposed to be interviewing them about.

It looks as though I didn’t complete this assignment. I knew it would be working in with Day 19, now I’m at Day 19, nothing has been done about it.

I feel I need more work done on Day 9 assignment, about an interview.

I’m missing this out on the assignments and will do it at a later date, as I’m very interested in doing this.

As I didn’t reach out to someone, instead I will publish a roundup of great reads and blog posts I have enjoyed reading this week to share them with my followers.

Everyday Inspirations Posts I Read this Week

Lucy Camp

Over the next couple of weeks, she is going on ‘walkabout’ as part of her temping job.

All over rural Queensland visiting Cairns, Mareeba, Longreach, Emerald, Mt Isa and Charleville.

As I’m interested in learning about Australia I know I will enjoy reading her posts, she is a very vibrant and chirpy writer.

Thistle Thought’s

Sandy is a very active writer from Scotland, another part of the world that I enjoy reading about.

She said

I tend to go for a bike ride with four friends. Sometimes I chat as I go along, sometimes I look around me at the fields and hedgerows just being in the here and now, experiencing the feeling of freedom and peace the countryside gives me”.

A Piece of her writing, I’m sure pleased I found her while using the reader with the “Everyday Inspiration” tag, I know I’m going to enjoy her posts.

That was only a couple of blogs, I read a whole lot more during the week, I will do another blog in the coming weeks to promote more writers.

I enjoy reading what other writer’s from all around the world write, there are people from every country that would enjoy some new readers on their blogs.

See you there.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Compose a Series of Anecdotes


Day 18 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Compose a Series of Anecdotes

Anecdotes is a very short story dealing with single incident – repeated phrase

Today I will write a post in which each section begins with the phrase – Have you ever – it is all to do with situations and thought’s of your child

Have you ever played in a puddle with your toddler and ended up getting dirtier than your child?

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most, a child saying something that hurts your feelings or you saying something that hurts a child’s feelings?

Have you ever compared your child with other children the same age and felt that your child was a bit backward because they could not do some things that other children were doing”

Have you ever had to protect your child from another child because they were being physically attacked by them?

Have you ever closed your eyes and seen a vision of your child stepping in front of a car, only to open your eyes and find they are playing on the floor in front of you?

Have you ever felt that you had neglected your child because you returned back to work  and left them in childcare?

Have you ever wondered what you will do when your child leaves home? My advice from experience is, just trust them and let go and see what happens.

With all this repetition of ” HAVE YOU EVER” are questions asking a mother how see feels, if you have finished reading to the end, and find some of it hurting you deeply it goes to show that you are a perfect mother, as mothers worry all the time about their children, if they are doing the right thing for their children, enjoy, as it never changes even when your children are grown up, you will still worry about them, enjoy the happy time, like playing in a puddle with a toddler, even if it’s your grandchild.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Map as Your Muse


Day 17 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Map as your Muse – Photo Credit

Today, let a map be your muse. Select an area anywhere in the world on Google Maps. – Tell us about your connection to a place.

This was a very interesting assignment working with Google maps.

I selected Waitara in New Zealand, the town that my husband and I choice to retire in.

84 Grey Street Waitara

This is a nice photo of our home, I like the color blue, it is from Google maps

Waitara is only 9.3 miles northeast of New Plymouth. Its population was 6312 in the 2013 census it had increased to 6790 in 2015, not a big in case but it is a growing town.

The commonly accepted meaning of the name Waitara is “mountain stream”.

Employment in Waitara

ANZCO Foods Group subsequently built a plant to manufacture small goods such as salami, sausages and hamburger patties on the site of the freezing works.

However, AFFCO went to court to enforce a 20-year encumbrance which restricts meat processing and associated activities on the site.

It succeeded in both the High Court and the Court of Appeal in preventing the new plant from opening, although an ANZCO subsidiary was allowed to continue using the freezer, and cool store facilities there.

The two companies are said to have reached an agreement.

ANZCO  operates from the site and has become one of the major employers in the township.

Two large petrochemical plants are now the most important industrial activity in Waitara.

The Waitara Valley plant is dedicated to production, of methanol from natural gas (about 1500 tonnes per day).

The Motunui plant, originally designed to produce synthetic petrol from methanol was modified to produce chemical grade methanol for export.

The town seems to be thriving to me, it will be interesting as the next few years go by for future employment, but it’s not far from New Plymouth,

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Mine Your Own Material


Day 16 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Mine your own Material

What does “mine your own material” mean? To mine (verb) is “to find and take away from a mine; to search for something valuable (in something).” For this prompt, focus on finding ideas and stories in places you already have access to. We spend a lot of our time online, so what we see in places like Facebook and Twitter can lead to a deeper exploration on our own blogs. Today, dig through your online treasures as inspiration for a new post.

I have been writing on this blog since January 2016 when I did the “Blogging 101” challenge.

Since then I had been following many bloggers, have 238 followers and 148 posts.

Now four months later, I was so happy to receive an email from a lady, Anisa Kazemi, writing under an unusual name for a website, “I Accidentally Ate the Whole Thing”.

This is what the email said.

A Celebration Post

Savvy Tokyo has given me the amazing opportunity to be a part of their team! Can you believe it?

Finally a chance to do what I love most outside of my blog.

Please please with a cherry on top (literally) take a look at  THIS link and share it with all of your friends so that my bosses will be super happy to have me.

That is actually what I’m doing Sharing her Happiness with you, by finding a story in my emails, I hope you visit the site and leave a comment, she is a great writer.

Mine Your Own Material – That is actually what I did in this assignment, I focus on finding an idea and a story in my emails which I have access to every day, I hope that this post helps this deserving blogger.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Take a Cue from Your Reader


Day 15 – Writing Everyday Inspiration  – Take a Cue from Your Reader

Remember the contact form or poll that you set up to collect suggestions from your readers? Write today’s post based on one of these ideas. If possible, mention the person who gave you this idea, and link back to their blog

This assignment was Day 6 Of Blogging U Everyday Inspiration, This suggestion was from Joyful2bee, She said, I would love to hear how living in New Zealand is different from living somewhere else.

Something about the variety of cultures, insects, animals, customs that might be different. I have always wanted to learn more about life in New Zealand.

Today I will write about New Zealand Cultural Food Icons Like a Hangi, Afghan Biscuits, and the Pavlova, I’m even got the recipe for you to try.

From around the middle of the 20th century, many cultural icons called Kiwiana started to emerge that now help to define what it means to be a New Zealander.

Kiwiana are certain items and icons from New Zealand‘s heritage, especially from around the middle of the 20th century that are seen as representing iconic Kiwi elements.

Here are three Food Icons that set New Zealand apart from other countries in the world.


Hangi – Photo Credit

Hangi is a traditional New Zealand Maori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven. It is still used for special occasions.

To put down a hangi it involves digging a pit in the ground, heating stones in the pit with a large fire, placing baskets of food on top of the stones, and covering everything with earth for several hours before uncovering the Hangi.

There are many different hāangi methods used now. Wire baskets became widely used in the early 19th century with sacking and cloth replacing leaves and bark as the covering of choice.

Now there are many new ways in the 21st century, gas heated stainless steel “Hangi machines” are sometimes used to replicate the style of cooking without the need for a wood fire, rocks and a pit, myself I think they don’t taste as nice, cooked that way.

It is possible to cook most types of foods for a hang. Generally, its chicken and stuffing, beef, pork, potatoes, pumpkins, kumara (sweet potatoes) carrots.

Meat was traditionally wrapped with leaves of eatable plants, today they generally use tinfoil.



It is a meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and, optionally, whipped cream.


4 egg whites

1 1/2 cups caster sugar

1 teaspoon white vinegar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 tablespoon cornflour

whipped cream

fresh fruit to garnish


Preheat oven to 180c.

Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites and sugar for 10 to 15 minutes or until thick and glossy.

Mix vinegar, vanilla, and cornflour together.

Add to meringue mixture.

Beat on high speed for a further 5 minutes.

Line an oven tray with baking paper.

Draw a 22 cm circle on the baking paper.

Spread the pavlova mixture to within 2cm of the edge of the circle, keeping the shape as round as possible.

Smooth top surface over.

Place the pavlova in preheated oven then turn oven temperature down to 100 c.

Bake pavlova for 1 hour.

Turn oven off.

Open oven door slightly and leave pavlova in oven until cold.

Carefully lift pavlova onto a serving plate.

Decorate with whipped cream and fresh fruit .

Tip – If you put leftover pavlova in the fridge over night it will go soggy.

Undecorated pavlova can be left overnight in the oven, or for several days in an airtight container, to be decorated when ready.


Afghan Biscuit – Photo Credit

An Afghan biscuit is a traditional New Zealand biscuit made from flour, butter, cornflakes, sugar and cocoa powder, topped with chocolate icing and a half walnut.

Anyone wants the recipe please leave a note in the comments.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Recreate a Single Day


Day 14 – Writing Everyday Inspiration  – Recreate a Single Day

Now that you’ve tried a timed free-write and word count exercise, let’s incorporate a new restriction today: write a post that takes place during a single day.

How will you use 24 hours as your story’s canvas?

Photo Credit.

This was my choice Structure your post as a play-by-play (or hour-by-hour) account, complete with time markers.

Special Day in my life.

Today has been a special day for me, it started when I woke at 6.30 am.

My son was coming after he left the BellBlock Airport were my daughter-in-law caught a plane, traveling to Christchurch in the South Island in New Zealand.

He arrived about 7.15 am, we had had breakfast, and he had had his breakfast at the airport while waiting for the plane to leave, he had a cup of tea with us.

We left our home in town, about 8.30 to travel to our farm home about 30 minutes drive, where a carrier was coming to pick up his tractor, mower, and a few other bits and pieces, that he had been storing in our shed.

He is starting a new job, Contract Milking, in June, and has a few days before he shifts.

When we arrived at the farm it was very cold, temperature, was only 8 degrees in the house and outside, but it felt much colder, very cold wind chill, I put a heater on to warm up the kitchen, got my warm clothes on and when to move the yearlings.

It was a nice walk it warmed up my chilled bones.

After the tractor had left the farm about 10.00am we moved stock into a warmer paddock with trees in it for extra shelter.

Winter has hit New Zealand, first snow on Mount Egmont/Taranaki yesterday, and you can feel it in the air.

We came back to the warm kitchen, had a cup of coffee, milo for me, and had a long talk.

It is the first time in two years since we sold our dairy farm, (my son and daughter-in-law had been farming for it for seventeen years), that I felt that life is getting back to normal after all the family fiction because of selling the dairy farm where my family was brought up.

We had the farm for forty-six years.

About 12-30 pm we returned back to our home in town, that was nice, it was warm, it felt like home.

1.30pm My husband and had a Ham and Cheese Sandwich with a cup of tea.

It is now 4,00pm, I have spent the last couple of hours, writing this post and reading my 120 odd emails I receive from WordPress.

Now it is time to start getting tea ready of my husband, I’m making a pie from the mince left over from tea last night, with a very happy outlook on our future years with our family.

Quick Question – How many emails do you get from WordPress  to read from your followers every day?

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Play with Word Count


Photo Credit   Day 13 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Play with Word Count

Sometimes you can find inspiration by changing things up! Today, write a post that experiments with word count.

I decided to go with No 4 of the 5 choices – Pick a previously published longer post you’d like to pare down. Keep it at 750 words or less, ended up 612 words. This was published on 2012, Squidoo is no longer around.

Creepy Halloween Garden Party

Halloween  evening was approaching fast, everybody in the  Woods household were busy setting up lanterns and lights around the garden, the trees are glowing, everything was going as planned, there would be an invasion of bodies very soon all dressed in costumes, that would set the scene alight, the bats and creepy crawlies are waiting to caress and charm the first body that come within reach, or leans against their trunk.

Dusk was falling fast, in the darkness you could see the creepy cloth all moving in the gentle breeze, the bats are grinning showing their teeth wondering which body to aim for first.

The spooky skeleton bones are shaking and ready to make the first move, as shadows appear around the corner.

The bathroom has it ‘s Skeleton Restroom Door Cover on the front, and the toilet seat had it’s special cover on.

All the skull lanterns, scary party decoration, battery candles, Halloween creepy black cloth, and hanging bats were set up.

The music was playing hauntingly softly in the gentle breeze around the garden with the frightfully essential Halloween sounds, such as howling wolves, moaning ghosts, snarling monsters, screaming victims, spiders webs, and other creepy things floating around in the air.

Who’s to know what’s hanging around the next corner waiting.

The marquee is set with all it’s haunt props gently swinging, and making groaning noises as the masked guest walk pass with their glasses of Bloody Mary’s, eating the ghoulish goodies.

Amongst the graveyard and tombstones that had been set up, the flickering candles that run on long=lasting batteries were glowing.

The creepy black cloth, with hanging bats and collection of spooky skeleton bones, spread across the haunted house graveyard.

Ghost, hanging in dark corners waiting to slither on the next shadow that enters the marquee, and that smell creeping through the garden.

What is that smell of death, is it coming from those skeleton bones?


Photo Credit. Who’s ready for a piece of Death Chocolate Cake.

Then just as everything was running along nicely, there was a blood-curdling scream, all was quiet, no one moved for a couple of seconds.

Jim Woods dashed off in the direction of the scream, to his surprise there was one of the guests laying on the ground, with teeth chattering, words were coming from his mouth slowly, that.. tree.. was.. talking.. to.. me.

All who had followed Jim burst out laughing, the owner of the blood-curdling scream, had not read the poster at the gate warning guests about the features of the garden party or he would have known about the talking tree and would not have suffered from the fright.

All were having fun, lots of laughter, Jim helped the guy up from the ground, very soon he recovered from his shock and suffered no after effects from it.

By midnight everyone had had so much fun, as they were going through the gate, on their way home, the air was filled with laughter and they were talking about some of the features of the garden party that had given them a fright, and were already planning next years Halloween party and what they would do, even asking Jim if he would put on another party like this next year.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Critique a Piece of Work


Day 12 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – Critique a Piece of Work

Today, express your opinion on a topic or a piece of work. This is your opportunity to comment on something you’re passionate about, or review a piece of art or entertainment that you love or despise.

Male Strip Clubs

I’m not going to criticize a blog post I read about Strip Clubs.

Actually the writer of this subject, I’m going to discuss has done an excellence job writing about what woman are doing at a Strip Club.

I’m not even going to talk about what she did herself, the fact is she is asking for our thought’s.

With this assignment – Critique a Piece of Work  I thought it was a good time to write about Male Strip Clubs

The Question  – if our husbands did the same things that the ladies did, how would we feel about it?

I’ve never been to a female strip club, so I have no idea what goes on, but after reading about this one I’m going to continue, as the question was asked.

Would you let your husband or partner do the same in a female strip club?

My View – If my husband ever went to a strip club after we were married that would be the end of our marriage.

He can do what he wants to do with my body {with my consent} so why, go doing things that I consider is an action between two in marriage, and strip clubs is not the place for these actions.

I thought I would Google the subject, I was shocked at what I was reading, it seems that it’s a must for the average male to go to a strip club three or four times a year,

A couple of quotes I’m sharing with you.

“The stripper look is sexy. I don’t even need a lap dance. I walk into a room and there are a bunch of girls draped in makeup and walking around in thongs and bras? Heaven.”

“Sometimes things get a little boring and you need a little inspiration, you know? Whenever I go to a club, she benefits from the extra ‘oomph’ in my performance. It’s really a ‘win-win’ for both of us.”

Another male said, “I’ve have cheated half a dozen times over the last year, three times with the same girl. But I figure as long as I love my wife and I’m playing it safe then what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

The more I read I realized I was just an old woman with very old fashion ideas, seems it’s been going on for 100’s  of years, I’ve had my head hiding in the sand.

Until now I have never thought about this subject, “What have I been missing out on”?

This has been a real eye opener, thanks for this Assignment it sure has given me food for thought.

Checking the word Critique – it means, Carefully written criticism, I hope I pass on this subject, as I don’t like criticizing people at all, it’s not me, but I couldn’t think of any other subjects that I felt very strong about.

Please comment and be honest I can take the flack.

Blogging University – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A Cup of Coffee


Day 11 – Writing Everyday Inspiration – A cup of Coffee

Begin each paragraph with If we were having coffee right now … and then adds a detail. You can share any details you’d like and include as many as you want, as long as you begin each with If we were having coffee right now …

It’s a simple idea, but offers a bit more structure to your post — and is a lot more fun. So today, write an update post in the form of a virtual coffee date.

If we were having coffee right now I would ask you for advice about a contact page on my blog, I have been viewing other writers blogs to see what they have, I haven’t found many so do bloggers use Contact Pages anymore?

I came across one that had the “About Me/Contact” page on the same page, I think that is a good idea.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you that my visit to the mall last week was a big failure as I didn’t find any orchids in flower, so that’s not a very good idea, have you another suggestion?

As I cannot think of another plant that would suit the occasion. Photo Credit.


If we were having coffee right now maybe we could have a discussion about what we should do about getting our mum into a home, so she has more stable meals, as her health is deteriorating because she not eating food that she can swallow without choking.

If we were having coffee right now  I was wondering what she will say when I tell her I’m going to free myself from the stress of the past years and start writing seriously, most likely write the novel I have been planning for some time maybe shut my mind down to everything except writing.

If we were having coffee right now, my heartburn would be on the 100%, so to set this assignment post right, I don’t drink coffee, it would have to be a cup of tea or milo or even better still a Milk Shake, perfect for my stomach.


PS. I found this assignment very hard, not being a coffee drinker, in my mind I tried thinking of a cup of tea, but it didn’t work.

Afraid Day 11, is a real let down in this course, hope other participates in this, enjoy it more than me.

Just writing down my thought’s.