Six Sentence Stories – 60 – Border


Six Sentence Stories – 60 – Border

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This week cue is Border

Time has a border around every hour.

For example, if you are a nine to five worker that is the border for your working hours unless they are changed.

Sleep is another eight hours for you to get your beauty sleep another border around time.

The weekend is the special time of a border around time for you to do as you please in work or play.

If you own a business there is no border around time as you work every hour of every day to build your business.

So summing it all up there is a border around time wouldn’t you agree?


Six Sentence Stories – Mark Twain or What Mark?

Six Sentence Stories/36 – Mark Twain or What Mark?


This week’s cue “Mark”, Six Sentences, no more, no less, any genre, link up in above URL

Not sure what is meant by the cue “Mark”, is it what the teacher does “Mark your Work” to see if it’s correct?

Or “quotation mark”, full stop, the mark at the end of this sentence.

Or a mark where you have staked, as the place where you want to plant a tree for future generations?

So I have gone for a Quote by “Mark Twain” which covers the story of this predicament I’m in, I think I have lost the plot.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure”. – Mark Twain

And yes it’s another “Mark”, That’s six sentences, Happy Christmas everyone.

Six Sentence Stories – Memories of Pine Trees


Six Sentence Stories – Memories of Pine Trees

This week’s cue “Pine”, Six Sentences, no more, no less, any genre, link up in above URL

I’m not sure if that prompt means – pine tree or pine away for a lost love, so I will go for the Pine trees as it is an important part of Christmas.

Memories of Pine Trees

I have many memories of pine trees watching the daylight seep into the pines as the sun climbed over the ranges.

Hearing the first chatter of the magpies waking, and the twittering of the birds as they flitted from branch to branch in the trees.

Then there are the bees humming in late winter early spring beside the pines searching for nectar, in the wattle trees that were planted on one side the pine trees.

The wind whistling through the plantation and the pine branches swaying gently back and forwards, some hitting each other, I wonder if trees feel pain like humans? Haha.

But most of all was the sneezing as the pollen fled into the air when the breeze disturbed them.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the smell of those pine trees, so let’s enjoy them, Merry Christmas everyone.


Six Sentence Stories – Home under Construction


Six Sentence Stories – Home under Construction

Home is where the heart is.

This home under construction looks like it’s been deserted, no one is working on it, the ladder hasn’t been used for some time the grass is starting to overgrow it.

You can see someone loved working on the plan for this new home.

Maybe they ran out of money to get the windows in or otherwise there has been a problem getting the glass, maybe it’s an out of the way property and the cost have been too high in other words they have run out of money to finish building it.

So someone had a wonderful plan for building an exciting home which has come to a standstill, so sad.

They have even started planting the section with shrubs, that look like they have been planted some time ago, sad state of affair for such an interesting looking home.


This week’s cue is “Home”

Six Sentences, no more, no less.

Any Genre

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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Back


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories –  Prompt is “Back”

September is here, in New Zealand, it means spring has arrived,and it was the same old story for farmers, rain, and mud everywhere, not good with the newborn stock around, very demoralizing.

The picture above shows a nice story, just like we would like to see, perfect weather, grass growing, animals happy, that makes the farmer’s life so much easier.

With Daylight-saving back again at the weekend, 25th September that means farmers need to adjust to the clock change, getting the cows in the dark again for milking, but those longer evenings may make up for it if you can stay awake.

On the other side of the world being autumn I’m presuming that clocks will be going back, one hour, so you can get that time back that you lost in the spring.

Looking back to the beginning of 2016 when I started writing this blog I never had followers, now checking my stats I have 454 followers, I’ m so grateful for every one of them, I big smile to you all, you make my day.

Now for my Sixth Sentence, sorry if I have been rambling today, not feeling on top of the world, so writing is the answer, hope you all have a wonderful week.


Command… this week’s  cue is “Back”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Ring


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories  – Ring

The world is a ring of fire, just stop and take note of all the evil things going on in all corners of the earth.

You can’t put a circle around anything special as there is too much of it.

Truth is, no one is willing to put a true ring on their finger, locking in their care for each other, because if you did you wouldn’t have time to think of evil, you would be too busy earning and caring for your family, or each other, this covers both male and females, or same-sex relationship.

No family life is complete without a commitment, if that means saying the vows, that you can write yourself, and remembering them when the bad times come and take over your life instead of getting stuck in a bottle, or taking drugs and hitting out at everyone who tries to help, you wouldn’t be thinking of ways to do some immoral act of injustice, as those vows, of that most wonderful day in your life,getting married, is the start of a new journey, it can win over everything if you do it together.

If you have children and they are born into a family of love, with no evil, they will continue to carry all those good emotions, that are all around them while they were growing into adults, it will be carried on to their children, your grandchildren, and future generations.

A ring on your finger, with no evil thought’s, only love and devotion for each other will start the line to perfect harmony on earth, there doesn’t need to be religion in a family, to have a healthy happy family, all you need is devotion to each other and your family forever.


Command… this week’s  cue is “RING”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Puff


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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Puff

It had been a very rewarding day for Jeff and his dog Spot, they had travelled some distance and it had brought back some great memories of his younger days going on weekend trips with his dad.

They had been climbing down a slope when he noticed that flat land in the distance, he was quite happy about that, as he was very aware that his right foot felt a bit tender as though there was a blister coming.

As he hit the bottom of the gully the wind which had been just a gentle puff, while coming down the slope, was getting stronger and was much more now than a light breeze.

There were very heavy clouds coming over the top of the ranges, “it looks like we are in for a wetting” he said to his dog Spot, “better see if we can find some shelter”.

Rounding the corner his prayers were answered, there was this red brick building, it had steps going up the side to the chimney, he did wonder why, but it’s not the time at the moment to start thinking about little things like that.

Moving faster to their destination he said to Spot jokingly, ” I hope it not like the three little pigs house and gets blown down with one Puff while we are in it.


Command… this week’s  cue is “Puff”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Command


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Command

Who’s supposed to be on duty here?

I left one command “Make sure someone is on watch here at all times”.

What do you think would happen if someone came ashore and no one was here to give the alarm?

So who’s on duty here?

I’m I talking to myself or I’m I the only one still alive on this island.

See what happens when no one takes notice of a simple command.


Command… this week’s  cue is “command”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Book


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Book

Before going to bed I was studying a few paragraphs in a new book that I had picked up in the library.

Although I had a pen in hand, I never intended to write anything in this book.

Did I fall asleep or what?

As when I glance at a page there were paragraphs highlighted on the page.

Taking note of the highlighted print it was the exact lines I was looking for.

I never remember marking them, how was I going to explain this to the librarian when I return the book.


This week the word is BOOK

    •  no more, no less than the usual six sentences
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – 7 – Market


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Market

The Real Estate Market is so strong in Auckland NZ, that it is impossible to find a home in your price bracket if you can find one for sale at all.

If you could find a home sitting in the air at sea I’m sure there would be a buyer as it’s practically impossible to find a piece of land to build at a reasonable price.

Why does everyone want a home in Auckland when there are plenty of other regions with homes that are in a good price plan?

The strong, growing economy is putting extra demand on the housing market, it is said that we are now in the middle of the biggest building boom New Zealand has ever seen.

The New Zealand Government now have come up with a plan this week, a new $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate new housing in the high-demand areas where it’s needed most.

If you are in the market for buying a house in Auckland you may need to look future a field, good luck.


This week’s cue word is, ‘Market.’ Use it any way you like. Use it in any genre you see fit. Use it in six sentences, no more, no less, please