All about the Common Pheasant


Photo Credit

Common Pheasant Poem

pheasants are a game bird
hunters walk the fields
with Labrador retrievers
and shotguns safety latched
flushing out the birds
winter game-hunting season

The male takes no part in the nursery
nest often have a dozen eggs in them
incubation takes 23 to 28 days
Disturbing the nest while gardening
early one spring morning, I’m sad to say
the hen discarded her nest for good

Chicks leave the nest, only a few hours old
staying with their mother for serval weeks.
Flying after a couple of weeks of age.
If they are disturbed at close range
they erupt into a vertical flight very low
until they can enter cover bush for shelter

Young males start growing bright feathers,
on their body about ten weeks after hatching
Common pheasants feed on foliage, seed, berries
They love eating my freesia bulbs in the garden,
raiding kitchen vegetable scraps in the compost bin.
Roosting in sheltered red-wood pine trees at night


Photo CreditChicks about one hour after hatching

Study of Tadpoles – Frogs Haibun


Study of Tadpoles – Frogs Haibun

Photo CreditLarva of the common frog Rana temporaria a day before metamorphosis 

Reproduction of frogs differ, that means
all breeds of frogs are not the same
when breeding, some mount the females,
others fertilization take place in the water.
the female release the eggs
and the male covers them with sperm.
then others give birth to fully
developed juvenile frogs, then again
there are others giving birth to tadpoles

In the majority of species after fertilization
the larvae emerge from the eggs
a tadpole is born with its flattened tail
soon legs start to appear
in the end, a tadpole undergoes metamorphosis
This stage lasts only twenty-four hours
which its body transition into the adult form
final stage the disappearance of the tail.


Photo Credit – tadpoles feed mostly on algae, would they survive here?. It a good pond for frogs to hide below the algae when threaten.

then metamorphosis stage
a small frog is born