Microfiction Challenge #16: Lovers


Microfiction Challenge #16: Lovers

Image: ‘Lovers’ by Felix Nussbaum

Write a short (say 200 words) story based on this scene and post the link in the comments box.

True Love Conquers All.

When Doris and Peter approached the house, which they thought was empty, a light had appeared in the house, so Peter thought he would stay in the shadows outside, trying to avoid any problems for Doris, but he was ready if needed.

Doris could still hear her ex-husband’s voice yelling at her as she hurried down the track to her waiting lover, she was shaking so much he had to support her body which was shaking uncontrollably with all the stress.

They had been having an affair for a few months now, while Doris husband had been overseas.

When Doris learnt that he had been living with his mistress which had delivered him a son, which Doris would never be able to do, that fact ended a very unhealthily marriage and led to a new relationship, which would end the years of terror she had been living.

They only had a couple of miles to go to catch the train that was leaving in a few hours, once they where on the train, they would never return, Doris didn’t care that happens to her old house of twenty years she were starting a new life with her lover, she knew would never be the same as what she had been going through more than half of her life.

Written for Jane Dougherty MicroFiction Challenge #16 Lovers.