#NaBloPoMo – Day Three – Genealogy


#NaBloPoMo – Day Three – Genealogy

Day Three of – Cheer Peppers NanoPoblano 30 Day Challenge.

Ways to Avoid Genealogy Grief for anyone setting out on Researching their Family History.

1. Always note the source of information that you are recording, photocopied or taking notes on. Date it too.

(So you know where to go back to clarify information if needed later).

2. Talk to all your older-generation relatives (before they’re all gone and you’re the older generation).

Even distant relations can be a goldmine of information about your ancestors.

3. Keep copies or backup’s of all letters, emails, etc that you send or receive.

This will save you from wondering which of your correspondent questions you’re already answered and

which of your questions they have or haven’t answered.

4. Remove rusty paper clips or staples and replace them with brass or plastic clips.

5. Never use cello-tape or any other pressure sensitive tape (even so-called safe tapes),

on important papers, photographs or to repair tears in books or text.

6. Do not use the self-adhesive type photograph albums.

Traditional photograph corners or the new polyester flip-over type albums are far better

Some do’s and don’t when preserving your documents, family bibles, letters, collections of family photos.

Don’t leave documents and photo’s in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Never use newspaper to wrap documents or line shelves or drawers.

Keep newspaper cuttings separate from other papers as the newspaper is highly acidic.

What would start you searching your family history?

I started because I was Looking for my husband great grandmother’s grave or any Information to the where-a-bouts in New Zealand she finally settled before she died.

10 years later I still haven’t found Her, but I haven’t given up.

Still tracking her path and hoping.

Please leave a comment on how you started, or haven’t started with your family history.

Here is a little verse about family history that I find quite amusing.

If you could see your ancestors all standing in a row

Would you be proud of them or not?

Some strange discoveries are made,

In climbing family trees

and some of them you know, they do not particularly please you.

There may be some of them perhaps,

You would care not to know.


If you could meet your ancestors

Would they be proud of you?