dVerse‘s Welcome 2018-Quadrille #47 – Leap


dVerse‘s Welcome 2018-Quadrille #47 – Leap

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The rules in Quadrille is simple:  write a poem, or short story in 44 words (excluding the title) with the word, LEAP.

Leap like a Bird of Prey

Life would be full of surprises if only we could take a giant leap and fly like a bird of prey. Oh! What our eyes would see, as far as the light that meets the horizon, as deep as the deep blue sea, Sheer delight.

This post is for the prompt “leap” given by Grace for the first Monday of the year 2018 at dVerse for Quadrille#47

Photo Fiction-67 – Wired River Creature


Photo Fiction-67 – Wired River Creature

Wired River Creature

The village people all knew about the strange river creature, but no one had seen him for some time, so they thought he must have moved on, everyone had become very relax about this story floating around.

That river creature had woken up from his long winter sleep and was very keen to find something to eat.

Why no one had noticed this strange creature was still in the river was because his back was covered with weed from the seeds that had landed on him while in was in his deep sleep, they had been growing, and were clinging to his dirty body, making him invisible.

The river creature noticed a strange thing hanging on to a thread in the water, which was Sammy’s bait, he grabbed it and into his mouth thinking that this bug sure had a long tail.

Sammy got such a fright he let go of his fishing line because if he hadn’t he would have gone into the river and everybody knew not to swim here as many had never been seen after entering this river.

Knowing there was nothing he could do without a fishing line he returned home to tell his tale about the big fish taking his line.

But that creature in the water once he had started swallowing that line knew he had a problem as he kept swallowing this strange thing down, he never found the end of until he came to the end of the rod, as it was across his mouth the thin line was right down into his stomach he could not bite it off.

That creature  was never seen again presumingly it never survived the fishing line.

290 words.

Can you tell a story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

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Photo Fiction/66 – Mother’s Love for her Son


Photo Fiction#66 – Mother’s Love for her Son 

Can you tell a story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words based on the picture and link it to the above title.

Mother’s Love for her Son 

Sam had been enjoying his day exploring the river, that he hadn’t noticed the night setting in, all of a sudden he saw the night sky in the distance and panic started setting in as he knew his mother would be worrying if he wasn’t home before dark.

Now with trying to hurry he had created a problem, as he was turning around, he had become stuck in the mud and weeds, he hadn’t seen the water level getting lower as the tide when out to sea.

He knew that no way was he going to get the boat unstuck tonight, so he swam to the river bank and climbed out moving as quickly as he could with his wet clothes towards home, trying to stay calm.

As he rounded the corner on the track he came face to face with his mother, he got such a shock that he nearly fainted.

She was angry at first, but after Sam had told her what had happened, she was so happy that Sam had made a good decision in a difficult situation, she said that they would get up at first light in the morning and she would help him get the problem sorted out.

That’s true love, after all, nobody had been hurt, if Sam had stay with the boat who knows what could have happened.

Sunday Photo Fiction – Winter Storm


Sunday Photo Fiction – Winter Storm

The weather forecast had been reporting all week that a storm was coming in and telling people to prepare for flooding as it was going to be heavy rain.

The trees had finished shedding their leaves and the drains were blocked with leaves but no one had thought about that.

So when the heavy rain started it didn’t take long for the stream to start rising, the water couldn’t escape through the outlets in the block waterways.

The banks had been built up a couple of months ago for flood protection but hadn’t been finished.

Watching out the window as the rain started to get heavy and heavier, I was thinking that we should have been more prepared and maybe had a boat or something to use, in this first rain of the winter.

We needed to get out of here while we could before it was too late.

We had no idea where we were going but we were out of the house and into the car within a few minutes and off to higher country if we could get through.

As we rounded the corner we could see people running in every direction what was going on, then we saw it a wall of water coming down the hill the town’s water dam had broken its walls, there was no place to go, even a boat wouldn’t have helped.

There wasn’t time to do anything, the water hit the car, there were people screaming, children crying, our car went with the force of the water as it hit us, and was swift up the side of a bank and got caught behind a large boulder and grounded itself, we were saved, but many more lost their lives.

Yes, when there is a weather warming that’s very serious, take precautions to save human life, you won’t regret it.

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide, I have far too many words, have removed some, but it’s spoiling my story, so I will leave it, Sorry. Will do better next time.

Sunday Photo Fiction – August 14 – 2016

Sunday Photo Fictioner

Sunday Photo Fiction – August 14 – 2016

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

Fuschia Flowers and Bees

Heading along the twisted path

Bees were humming a tune

While collecting the nectar that humans cannot do without

Rounding the corner there were the prettiest pink flowers you would ever see,

Right beside a stone statue, which halted my walk to a stand still.

Looking at those flowers I’m sure I saw one of them wink at me.

I stared back taken by surprise, why did that flower catch my eye.

Maybe a bee had swayed the petals in the gentle breeze

I will never know but to this day when I see a fuschia

I take note of that flower

It dangles from such a fine thread swaying with the movements of life around it

Just Incase I see another one that is winking at me or was it a sweet fairy helping to make my day.

Smiles sweet flowers, and thank you bees I love the tune you make in the garden of peace.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 76th Challenge – Who’s Racing

Provided by Phylor

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 76th Challenge – Who’s Racing?

Who’s Racing?

Why are cars lined up here, are they going to race with a horse, who looks ready for the challenge?

That was my first thought as I approached the clearing in the bush, then I released there was nobody else here except a horse and a couple of cars.

I wonder who put the notice down by the gate stating that the race would be starting at 2.00 pm, must have read that sign wrong.

Returning back to the gate, I found everyone there, all for the same reason, who’s racing car or horse.

It looks like the horse is the winner as no car can win a race without a driver, as a horse doesn’t need a rider to win a race.

Words 133 before I added the Guide.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor

Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story.

Please include photo prompt with your story.

Please ,credit photo to the photographer.

The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

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Sue Vincents Thursday’s Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones #writephoto


My Response to Sue Vincents Thursday’s Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones #writephoto

Stepping Stones #writephoto #shortstory #shapingyourstory

After an early breakfast Matt and Paul packed up their tent and belongings and set forth down a rather steep incline making towards sunlight they could see coming through the tall trees, there must be a clearing sooner or later.

When they started out on their camping trip the bush had been small and spread thinly out in front of them, but as they went deeper in it had got quite busy with bush and not much room to move.

As night was setting in they pitch the tent and got the fire going, and cooked a meal.

After a good night sleep, they were feeling quite refresh and ready for another go with their tramp through the bush.

When they got down the steep sidings they saw a river running, so decided to follow it downstream at least they were out of the thick bush.

They had been walking for a good hour and had come across stepping stones going right across the river.

So off they went stepping from one step to the next until we were on the other side of the river, now that was where everything about their camping trip came unstuck.

Loud queer noises were coming down the river.

They never knew it had been raining very heavy further up in the mountains.

Those queer noises were the rocks and rapids thumping their way down the river and were approaching the stepping stones they had walked over only half an hour ago.

Then they both suddenly released what was happening they froze on the spot.

They both knew they were in for trouble as with the force of the water coming down there was no way they were going to get back to the other side by using those stepping stones.

The water was building up along the river bank pushing them higher up on the river sidings, they were in trouble they had to find a clearing in the cliffs and get onto the higher ground or they would be swept away down the river.

When they were just about ready to give up to the river, they saw a goat running as fast as it could go, then it disappeared so they both had the same idea together follow that goat, and sure enough there was a clearing where a stream ran down to meet the river, moving as fast as they could with their gear they enter the sidings of the stream and started climbing up.

They never got back to those stepping stones, they  had to be picked up by a helicopter which found them two days later, though not expecting to find them on the other side of that rather deep river.

When the lads told them how they got to the other side, most hearing the story thought that they must have been dreaming, as no one to this day have ever come across those stepping stones.


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Sunday Photo Fiction – May 15 2016


Sunday Photo Fiction  The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

Sunday Photo Fiction – Skiing Tragedy

The sky was clouding up quickly it was only a couple of hours since it had stopped snowing and the sun shone through the clouds.

All in the ski resort on the mountain had been waiting for the clearing and where already enjoying the trip up the mountain with their skis, to try out the new fall of snow before it got soft on the top with the sun shining.

Within five minutes the sun had gone and it was very close to snowing again.

So many humans on the mountain it wasn’t a safe scene as it was mainly beginners and some were not very experienced with skiing.

Everyone had the same idea, get off the snow as it started to fall heavy again, the ones in the ski lift where all good as that would return back to the bottom again, but the ones going down the range where being a little careless.

Sure enough, there was a collision of half a dozen skiers, medicate help was needed, with stretchers to carry two off the mountain slope with broken bones to a waiting helicopter.