#dVerse Quadrille #56 – Muddle up that Muse


#dVerse Quadrille #56 – Muddle up that Muse

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#dVerse – Posted by Whimsygizmo in Quadrille

Write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title), including some form of the word “muddle.

Poetic Muddle Mind

a fleeting muddle of memory
within an overworked body
with a disorganized brain
creating a real solution
by ignoring the facts
and muddling through.

whats the point anyway
significance of nothing
putting it all together,
with pen and paper
writing in a poetic way.

#dVerse – MTB – Tanaga

#dVerse – MTB – Tanaga Poetry

Frank Hosts dVerse with a form called Tanaga.


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Family of ducks just landing
Spring, darling little ducklings
Mother duck, checking counting
Would she know, one was missing

The tanaga form is part of an oral tradition going back to the early 16th century.  It comes in stanzas of four lines with seven syllables per line. It often rhymes, even rhyming each line of a stanza on the same rhyme sound, but it can have variable rhyme patterns. It can also have more than one stanza.

#dVerse Haibun Monday: Why do I write Poetry?


#dVerse Haibun Monday:  Why do I write Poetry?

#dVerse – Poetry

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Guest host Toni (Kanzen Sakura)  at dVersepoets asked us to write a halibut about what/who inspired us to write poetry.

She say’s keep ii Simple so here it is.

 Why/who inspired you to write poetry?

I Did a WordPress Poetry Course – in June 2016. I was 75 years old then.

What is your style?  Tanka Poetry, I have a Weekly Tanka Challenge, all though now I cover all forms of poetry. 

 Why do you write poetry? I just love doing it, please check out my blog, I have written many forms of poetry.

nature and vision
worldwide offers untold joy
look and write poetry

dVerse Poetics – Winter on the Farm


dVerse Poetics – Winter on the Farm

Poetics: Photography by Sharon Knight

#dVerse – Posted by Mish in Poetics – She s featuring the photography of Sharon Knight

Winter on the Farm

Winter Morning on the farm
Up at the break of dawn
Dull sun breaking through
So cold, animals need feeding

My toes were feeling the cold
Gumboots covered with ice
Socks not keeping them warm
Animals can’t be seen anywhere

Please sun warm the crisp air
Fingers freezing in my gloves
No animals answering as I call
More walking that is for sure

Rounding the corner of the shed
There they were huddled together
Now to get that tractor started
Hope the battery will turn over

Not many joys in a farmers winter life
Welfare of animals always on the mind
Weather can make or break a person
Winter morning on the farm very cold.

Many thanks to Sharon Knight for allowing us to use her photos to write a poem.

If you would like to join in here is the link.

dVerse‘s Welcome 2018-Quadrille #47 – Leap


dVerse‘s Welcome 2018-Quadrille #47 – Leap

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The rules in Quadrille is simple:  write a poem, or short story in 44 words (excluding the title) with the word, LEAP.

Leap like a Bird of Prey

Life would be full of surprises if only we could take a giant leap and fly like a bird of prey. Oh! What our eyes would see, as far as the light that meets the horizon, as deep as the deep blue sea, Sheer delight.

This post is for the prompt “leap” given by Grace for the first Monday of the year 2018 at dVerse for Quadrille#47

dVerse – Haibun Monday – 28


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In response to dVerse‘s poets Haibun Monday-28 Prompt “Childhood Experiences”.

This is the first Haibun I have written if you are interested check out the link above

Discussing Mushrooms

It was mid-Autumn a time when mushrooms were plentiful on the farm especially if there had been the warm rain, we all would go out on the farm and gather mushrooms in our bucket.This particular year there was a shortage of them so some that were over ripe were picked to feed our family of seven. Some of those mushrooms were not suitable for eating never the less they were cooked.

With the results even now the thought of ever eating mushrooms at all, especially in a white sauce turns my stomach inside out, and I can still feel that belt that thrashed my body, leaving welts all over it.

Eating whitebait still reminds me of those white maggot looking grubs floating around in the mushroom sauce.

eating brown mushrooms
the kind that grow on a farm
autumn reminds me

#dVerse – What Happened Here?


#dVerse – What Happened Here?

Today it’s Open Link at dVerse, bring any poem you want.

To join, for Thursday’s OpenLinkNight, which happens every other week, here’s how to join:

My Poem is  Pantoum Poetry using a photo as a prompt

What do you think happened here?
Was there a bushfire?
Could it have been an earthquake?
There are signs of a possible landslide.

Was there a bushfire?
The grass is starting to grow on the soil.
There are signs of a possible landslide.
Certainly looks more like a fire.

The grass is starting to grow on the soil
Looks like no one lives here now.
Certainly looks more like a fire.
But no burnt logs around.

Looks like no one lives here now.
Did a fire destroy this farm?
But no burnt logs around.
It is a mystery what really happen

Did a fire destroy this farm?
Could it have been an earthquake?
It is a mystery what really happen
What do you think happened here?

You can answer that question in the comments if you like.

Thanks for reading.

#dVerse Quadrille – No Spark Here


#dVerse – No Spark Here

Winters gone

weather warming up

birds are singing

No Spark here

Christmas approaching

where do I start

family scattered in every direction

where have those years gone

Great grandchildren

hardly know their great grandparents

sadly they all have their own life

No Spark Here.

In response to dVerse‘s Quadrille #119