Daily One-Word Prompt – Screen


Daily Prompt – Screen. Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

These days everywhere you go there is a screen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boardroom meeting, many screens there, touch and display screens.

Walls with a sound proof screen, where no one is supposed to know what’s really going on behind the screen.

With all the technology around these days, you will think they will come up with something new that doesn’t need a screen. Ha-Ha.

In the hospitals there are screens surrounding you, so no one can see what’s going on, but we all know in the ward as you can clearly hear what they are saying.

Screens in shops for you to try on an outfit to see if you like it.

Even I have a screen in front of my eyes as I’m walking along the street, I can walk right past a member of my family and don’t know I have until they tap me on the shoulder.

Now I have just written a one-word prompt for SCREEN, sitting at my computer, looking at a screen with curtains pulled across the windows to screen the sun from my computer screen.

Yes, don’t have to look far for a screen.

Old Age Pension – is that Money for Nothing?


Daily Post Prompts – Money for Nothing.

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

My dream Job was farming, but it wasn’t to be, there was need, to have two incomes coming in for a farm to survive, especially when it’s not handed down from your parents.

I’m now getting pay in my retirement years by the old-age benefit, you must be sixty-five in New Zealand to receive it.

But it wasn’t always like that, you have to have worked a lifetime, before you can receive it, for me that has been fifty years in the workforce paying my taxes every week.

Now all though I get paid “Money for Nothing”,  I’m paying tax on that.

My husband and I are still farming, we pay our taxes every year for the earnings we earn off the farm, in other words, we are not earning money for nothing, because we get taxed extra for earning over a certain amount, so it other words it could be paying double the tax on our pension.

Are you looking forward to retirement?

Do you think you are getting money for doing nothing?

Not true, you have earned it, by supporting your country, paying your taxes, rates which is very high if you own a farm, plus much more.

One day when you retire you will most likely receive a benefit, and it’s not for doing nothing, Think Again.

Stormy Day at the Beach


Daily Post Prompts – Sudden Shifts

It was a planned day at the beach with the family and a few friends, we were all enjoying the sun, but the heat of the day was traffic.

There had been a cold front warning coming in from the south on the weather forecast that morning, we didn’t take much notice of it, thinking that how could a beautiful day like this be ruined by bad weather, all was going well, kids were happy.

Then the skies started to get darker and darker, even the sea was tossing around a lot more than it was when we had arrived some three hours before, everything was starting to move the wind was getting very strong.

It looks as though it was time to start packing up, but we hadn’t even finished the picnic lunch we had brought with us.

Then it happened, when the cold air meets the hot air, yes, it started to rain, and before we had time to pack up our picnic lunch we had been enjoying, the kids were still nibbling on the nice cool watermelon, down came those big splotch of rain which before we had time to start packing our gear it had turned to hailstones.

It was like a storm out of hell, I had never experienced hail like that and here we were still in our swimming gear and that hail was beating at our skin causing so much pain, the younger children started screaming as the hail hit their poor little bodies.

Panic, everyone was banging into each other trying to pick up towels swimming gear, clothes, the wind was just picking everything up and taking it in all directions, it was just one big panic station everyone on the beach where trying to get to some kind of shelter, which was nowhere to be found.

The children were frighten, almost out of their wits, so there was nothing else to do but grab the kids and run.

Did we run?

It was practically impossible to run the wind was blowing against us, making it harder than ever to go in the right direction, we just keep moving the best we could with the hail still hitting us.

We managed to get back to the car, putting the children in their seats, still crying and shutting the doors, what a mess, hail was starting to build up on the sand, which I had never seen in all my lifetime living near the beach.

By now the sky was starting to clear and the sun was shining out at the already calming sea.

We decided to go back down the beach and see what we could rescue of the gear which we had left behind, would you believe it there was nothing there but hail.

So the return trip back home was the next move, just as well we parked the car on the tarmac and not down on the beach or we would never have left that beach that day.

As next day, we found out that some cars had actually been washed out to sea in that quick sharp storm that had only lasted for half an hour but seemed like a lifetime to us.

Now if we are planning to go to the beach we make sure to check the weather forecast and if in doubt stay home, that’s why we have a forecast to save lives, we could have been a statistic that day if the storm had lasted any longer.

My Name is Elsie


Elsie Tanner ( Pat Phoenix) was an actress in the soap opera Coronation Street.

Daily Post – Say your name.

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself

The meaning of the name “Elsie” is: “My God is a vow”.

The name Elsie is of Hebrew origin and is used mostly in English speaking countries.

In American, the meaning of the name Elsie is: noble.

Elsie was my GrandMother’s name on my father’s side.

My mothers name was Elsie Calista – Everyone always called her Calista.

I wonder why she was never called by her first name Elsie, it’s a bit late now she past away in 1976.

Wish I had thought of asking her.

If I had the choice I wouldn’t rename myself, I’m very proud to be named after my grandmother.

When I named my oldest daughter in 1961, Elsie wasn’t heard off, so I named her Elsa, when I did it, it originally had a Z in it, everyone told me I had spelt it wrong, so I changed her birth certificate to Elsa, it was her second name not first.

I just had a quick look for famous people named Elsie, it appears that it’s not really a very popular name.

This is about the only young child called Elsie that I found.

Then there’s Elsie Tanner – Coronation Street Actor.

Anyone reading this, please acknowledge, love to know the name Elsie isn’t a name of the past.

Mother Teresa Quote


The Daily Post Prompt Today 27 January 2016

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?


Blessed Mother Teresa Statue in Saint Thomas Mount, India

Mother Teresa has many great quotes, everyone worldwide would agree with me she was a wonderful person that has made the world a better place to live in if we follow in her footsteps.

This is one of my favorite ones from Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, 26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997.

There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well.

They must have worked for it.

I only feel angry when I see waste.

When I see people throwing away things that we could use.

Why does it move me?

My husband and I live well now, there were times when we had no money to buy food for our children, that is why I went work for 30 years in the rag trade, it took us fifty-five years to own our farm.

We had many heartaches and bad times in those years, dairy farming wasn’t easy bringing up five children and paying the mortgage every month, I will say it now.

“We deserved everything we have because we worked for it”.

The rest of this quote, about “being angry when I see waste”  there is far too much waste in the world, it must be stopped we cannot go on living and continue with this continued waste of food, clothes etc there are others that will use it.

“Save the World” don’t abuse it.

P.S. The photo at the top we don’t need a kingdom to live in, it may be nice. LOVE one another is the miracle that’s needed for happiness, without it, we have nothing.

My Favorite Person

Newborn Baby

Image courtesy of patrisyu at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The DailyPost Prompt – 23 January 2016

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

My Favorite person is my husband of fifty-six years

The longest time we have been apart was when I had my five children in the 1960s.

Two daughters and three sons. Below are the month and year that I have been separated from my favorite person – my husband.

July 1961 Two weeks

December 1963 Two weeks

December 1964 Two weeks

August 1967 Two weeks

April 1969 Two weeks

That’s ten weeks of our marriage I never slept with him, that’s pretty good for fifty-six years of marriage.

He never spent much time in the maturity home with me after our first one was born, he was a farmer, looked after the babies himself while I was giving birth to our children.

In those days we were never allowed out of the hospital after having a baby very early I think that was a good thing I had time to bond with the baby before I when home to milk cows and look after my babies.


My husband, John was a wonderful father, you can see by this photo how proud he was of his two daughters.

Part 2 – Traveling on a Passenger Train

This is Part 2 of the DailyPost Prompt  – You’re going on a cross country trip, airplane, train, bus or car? (or something else entirely – bike, hot air balloon?) as requested by my readers.hair-490403_640

A new day had arrived, (I didn’t sleep much that night, but I knew I needed to get up shower and try to eat something if I was going to succeed with this venture to change my life

While having breakfast, I decided the first thing I was going to do was change my looks, so off to the hair salon, which I had never used before, as my parents cut my hair like putting a pot on my head.

I had a perm done, it was nice, not ugly hair, no straight drab hair now, I looked at myself, yes I was a new person, I hardly recognize myself.

I looked like a princess and even though I thought it myself “I looked Beautiful” it gave me confidence.

I had been talking to the lady that was doing my hair and asked her if she knew a place where I could get a job and a place to live.

Before I left the hair salon, she gave me the name of a place, as soon as my hair was dry,

with my new found body, I was off applying for the job.ID-100219472

Yes, I got the job, a kitchen maid in a hotel, which had a live in accommodation, a room all for myself, which I had never had in my 18 years of living.

I start my job the next morning, and really like it, I was used to making toast, washing dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, it didn’t worry me the main thing I was earning money so I could support myself.

But wouldn’t you know it things were going to change I wasn’t that lucky.

Now Trouble was Coming

My parents found out the next day where I was because one of the girls that worked in the office at the hotel, come from my hometown, which there was a buzz about me running away from home.

The second day after running away from home my parents had the police knocking on my door.

As I was eighteen had a paying job and a roof over my head the police couldn’t return me home.

But my parents wouldn’t leave me alone.

I wasn’t sleeping, have trouble with my monthlies (Periods) excesses bleeding (which I found out many years later that I had (Von Williebrands disease) Factor eight missing in my blood, it is a bleeding disorder. It affects your blood’s ability to clot. If your blood doesn’t clot, you can have heavy, hard-to-stop bleeding.

There was nothing I could do to stop the bleeding if I was going to keep my job, I had to go to the doctor for help.Von Willebrand disease

Anywaythe doctor gave me some sleeping pills because of not sleeping with my stress.

That was the worst thing that could have happened to me.

As a week had passed since I left home, I decided, I had had enough, yes I overdosed on the sleeping pills, about midnight on my eighth day after running away from home, I was terribly stress, i don’t even remember going to bed.

The next day or was it the next day as I have a feeling I had a day off from work.

The first thing I remembered after taking those pills, was someone banging on my door as it was locked on the inside no one could get it.

I should have been at work, they had woke me up.

I had been saved from that over-dosing because I had been very sick, my bed was a mess, I try to get up. I couldn’t even stand I was totally, (what’s the word) drunk.

The staff had another key to the door and used that.

I don’t remember much about the next two days as someone must have clean me up and changed my bed, I just slept and someone kept coming in and checking me out as I remembered voices.

After I was better, I asked how come I wasn’t return home to my parents, the lady that knew me from the office of that hotel, knew the kind of life I lived, she had arranged for someone to look after me until I was fit to work again, she told me I was very lucky to have survived and wanted to help me, which she did.

My parents never found out what I had done.

Traveling on a passenger train

Daily Prompt

This is the prompt  – You’re going on a cross country trip, airplane, train, bus or car? (or something else entirely – bike, hot air balloon?)640px-NZR_RM_class_Standard_01

The above picture is the Matangi electric multiple unit train FP/FT 4103 at Wellington railway station platform 9 for a public open day. Photo Credit

My adventure was by train my one and only trip, on a Passenger Train in New Zealand, that was in 1959.

Leaving Home – The Railway Station

I was standing at the railway station, suitcase in hand, tears in my eyes, feeling very sick, with butterflies in my heart, knowing that what I was doing, that life would never be the same again, as the train pulled into the station.

I would never be able to return back to living with my parents, even if I could, my life would be changed forever with what I was doing, I knew they would be terribly upset and angry, with what I was doing.

  • I was running away from home.

I had brought my ticket was stepping onto the train, I don’t know how I managed to lift my legs and climb up the steps onto the railway carriage, they felt like jelly.

I had a three-hour trip ahead of me. I knew my destination that day, but not where I was going to sleep that night.

Many thought’s were on my mind as I sat on that train.

There wasn’t many aboard the train which made it harder than ever, no laughter, no one taking, only the clicking of the wheels of the train on the lines, as the towns and hills flit past the carriage windows.

These three hours on the train went very fast really, as my mind was scrambling around wondering what my next step would be when I reached the platform of my destination.

When I arrived it was dark, lots of thought’s were running through my mind, I was scared, where was I going to sleep that night?

I hadn’t had anything to eat all day and was starting to feel weak from lack of food and tiredness.

I watched the train pull out of the station, with dread in my heart I wasn’t prepared for this feeling, all though I had been planning it for weeks, sneaking my clothes out of the house bit by bit as I went to work each morning.

Panic Started to Set In

This is where I started to panic, I shook myself “Come on girl you can do it, don’t fall to pieces now”, somehow I started moving slowly along the platform as the last sounds of the train leaving faded away in the distance.

The porter walk up to me and asked me if I was waiting for someone, “No” I said, I just need somewhere to stay tonight and he kindly said there’s a Railway Hotel across the road you should find accommodation there.

I was relieved and walked in the direction he pointed too.

I had been a very protected child in those years mid-1950’s, had never been anywhere at night except with my parents. I was very scared, somehow I found my way to the hotel, paid and got a room for the night.

I had been saving money knowing I would require it if this mission to renew my life was going to succeed.

I never slept that night I hadn’t eaten and was scared, what was I going to do when daylight came?

All I knew I was safe locked in those four walls, for one night anyway.

I will never forget that one trip in a train, most likely will never have the chance again as there are no overnight regional or long distance passenger trains services in New Zealand now.