Cell Phone Technology


1st May 2016 Daily Post Self Confidence Sunday Quote

“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives.

It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone”.

Quote Credit – Steven Spielberg.

I live in town now and have Cellphone coverage, so my daughter brought me a Cellphone.

I use an iMac computer and can work wonders with it (even though when I bought it I thought I would never conquer it).

Now a cell phone it’s like going back to school, especially when you are seventy-five years old and never used one.

So my Self Confidence quote above fit’s into my life very well while trying to conquer this little beast.



The Daily Post “one-word prompt”, Disappointment.

As today is the last Sunday in April for the A to Z Challenge, which I have been taking part in and enjoyed doing it, no posts needed on Sunday so I will take this chance to apologise to my readers.

It was the biggest disappointment of the challenge I never had the time to read and comment on many of the other participates that were involved in writing.

Back in February when I registered, I had no idea I would be without an internet connection while shifting from our country farm house into town.

The town-house had my computer in it which was 35 kms apart. I only spend two night’s a week living there and the other five in the farmhouse, no internet.

It was just as well I had half of the posts wrote before April.

I tried setting the posts to be posted on the right day, but found it didn’t work for me, maybe I needed to be a premium member.

I tweeted most of the challenges I read hoping it would help the feeling of disappointment of not having the time to comment.

In May I will be returning to my regular posts so hope I can make up for all the commenting I never did.

Love you all.

Daily Post Tuesday Chatter – 19


Daily Post Tuesday Chatter is a weekly event.  You can chatter about anything and everything.    There are no specific rules as long as you’re cool.

Tuesday Chatter – 19
Looking around for a subject to chat about, I found this cute photo of a baby with a claw glove of an animal in its mouth.

It brought back memories of my five children when they were babies.

One of my daughter’s had a favorite cuddle blanket that went everywhere with her, if she cried all you needed to do was give her the blanket and she would stop crying.

As a toddler she started sucking the corner of it, that blanket was always in her arms, it used to have a job just to get it off of her to wash, she would accept another one after a lot of pre swaying, but the one I had washed was always pulled out of the washing basket as soon as it was brought in from the clothes line.

Needless to say, the blanket started falling to bits from all the chewing, as it fell to bits, she would carry just one of the pieces around with her, still chewing it.

That blanket finally when in the fire, thank goodness she soon forgot about it.

My second son loved his teddy so much, he used to chew the paw, it was with him all the time, he would let me wash it, he would sit there under the clothes line waiting for it to dry, after many washing that poor teddy fell to bits.

Oh for the memories of our children especially when they were babies.

It just takes a picture like the one above to start those memories bubbling from my body.

Please share your memories with us, of those years when your child loved an article so much that they eventually destroy it.

Riding on a Carousel


Daily Post Tuesday Chatter is a weekly event.  You can chatter about anything and everything.    There are no specific rules as long as you’re cool.

Looking around for a subject to chat about, I saw the above photo, when I first looked at it, it was a bit of a mystery, until I click on it and saw a larger picture of it.

A carousel ride did that bring back memories of my younger days when I was about eighteen, we went to an agriculture show which had side shows, there were hundreds of people.

My memories are of many teens, which were screaming while being toss around in the air, actually it was quite frightening.

I tried to shut the screams out of my head, they frighten me, I had never been to one before. I was going with my boy friend which turned out to be my husband of fifty-six years now,  we had only known each other for a few weeks.

I wanted to feel like part of the family, as I liked him very much, he had his family with him, I didn’t want to feel like a spoilsport.

After much persuading my future brother-law took me up, I was very frighten, I don’t know how I wasn’t sick up in the air, but I managed to keep everything down, lucky I hadn’t eaten much that day because I felt so ill for about an hour after that ride.

Just a little extra, a thought I just remembered.

I did wonder at the time why my boy friend then husband now was not going for a ride with me, nobody let on, I don’t know if they knew, but some forty years later I found out he was afraid of heights.

To this day nearly sixty years later I have never had another ride, no way will anybody get me back on one of those roll-a-coasters.

Have you ever had a ride on a carousel, please tell, what was your experience?

State of Mind Photo Challenge


I was looking around for a picture to write a post about the DailyPost Photo Challenge “State of Mind”.

I came across this sad looking animal, supposedly a holy cow.

That’s where my state of mind comes in, it looked so sad and hungry it turned my heart over.

My husband and I have been farming for fifty-five years, we love our animals, they are looked after in paddocks with grass and hay in the winter, “feed every day”.

It wouldn’t be the first time that we have had an animal inside by the fire when they are not well.

We go out in rain hail, gales, whatever, sometimes we put our own bodies at risks to feed the animals, but we would never leave animals not feed.

So for my state of mind, I hope someone feeds that poor animal.