Week 13: 100 Word Wednesday – Troubled Waters

image Week 13

100 Word Wednesday – Week 13 – Troubled Waters

Image Credit: Bikurgurl

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Troubled Waters

Driving slowly along the river I came to the point where only the brave would venture, that jetty wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

Because of stories from days-gone-by that someone had been devoured by a large fish that had jumped out of the water.

There’s not a lot you can do here, the sign says it all “ No this, No that”, so after those stories, it should be saying “NO Fishing”.

Surprise, surprise people were fishing, I decided to move on, I wasn’t waiting for that large fish to leap out of the water.

100 Word Wednesday – Week 12 – Animal Love


100 Word Wednesday – Week 12 – Animal Love

Image Credit: Samantha Scholl

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Animal Love

The horses had been waiting patiently for their master to arrive and open the gate to new pasture.

Being content as they knew he aways came, they settled down to wait.

But today he never showed up, as he had had an accident on his quad while moving the cattle and had been admitted to the hospital with a concussion.

The next day he was home and those horses were still waiting and he did arrive, they knew he would never forget them even though he was a day late they knew he would come and feed them. (Animal Love).

100 Word Wednesday – Week 9 – Goat Track


100 Word Wednesday – Week 9 – Goat Track

Photo Credit – Toa Heftiba  

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Goat Track

Anna had been walking along a narrow track through the bush when she heard a noise behind her.

Ducking quickly into some thick fern bracken she peered out shaking a little wondering what it was.

There to her surprise, she saw a nanny goat with two kids (twins), only a couple of days old, something you don’t see a lot of.

She was so happy with what she saw she wished she had her camera.

Waiting a while she then when back to the track going the way she had come in, she didn’t want to disturb the young family.

100 words

100 Word Wednesday – Week 6 – Missing Cake


Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2016

100 Word Wednesday – Week 6 – Missing Cake

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Missing Cake

Everything was ready for valentine evening at home.

A knock on the door on answering it, a policeman told me there had been an accident and asked me if I could come with him and identify the body.

The body was my partner, I don’t remember much of that evening.

Arriving home that night I when straight upstairs leaving the table as it was before the police arrived.

Next morning, surprise, the table had been cleared, no cake, strange the doors were all locked?

To this day I never found who removed the cake, hope it went to heaven for the angels.

100 Word Wednesday – Week 2 – Voice at Sea


100 Word Wednesday – Week 2 – Voice at Sea

Image Credit: Saksham Gangwar, Unsplash

Join Bikurgurl in the 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge using an image as a prompt.

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Voice at Sea

As Andy was walking along the beach, he heard someone calling for help.

He saw a flock of birds circling in the air.

Watching in the direction of the birds he was surprised to see a guy paddling a kayak, blood was dripping down his face.

Racing to him through the water, helping him get ashore, he found out that the birds had attacked him.

He must have got too close to their nest that was the reason for the attack.

Checking the guy out, his injury wasn’t too bad, that guy learned a lesson never go near breeding birds.          100 words.

100 Word Wednesday- Week 1- Dark Track


100 Word Wednesday- Week 1- Dark Track

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Kay had been walking her dog, suddenly he startled her by barking losing control of the lead Barney was off into the trees.

She started to follow feeling something was not right, looking down the dark track cold shivers tingled down her spine, feeling uneasy she called out to Barney, he came back barking demanding her attention.

Feeling a little braver with Barney beside her she ran down the track, going around the corner she saw a teenager not moving.

Out came the phone and rang for an ambulance, he was unconscious.

Barney must have heard him calling out before he lost consciousness.  103 words.

Sue Vincent’s Silent Photo Prompt

Silent Photo Prompt

Silent Photo Prompt

The building was starting to crumble from years of mother nature’s weather patterns of strong winds and funnels of torrential rain.

The water wheel still stood strong and powerful, Bill was wondering if he should restore the building before any more damage was done.

As he stood looking, more or less into space there was a queer sound that came from the centre of the building as if someone was screaming for help.

Bill rushed in to see what was going on, there in the middle of the building, was a big sink- hole, he had never seen anything like that before here.

One side of the building was leaning on an angle, he decided right there and then, that it was going to crumble before long so he might as well give into nature and let it be demolished.