10-line Poem Challenge #11: Mini Monoverse – Wild Flowers


10-line Poem Challenge #11: Mini Monoverse – Wild Flowers

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Beautiful Scene

sun showers
have powers
growth towers
for hours

pretty scene
weeds are screen
much cuisine
color between
the rich green

The Mini Monoverse was created by Emily Romano.

  • It is a decastich written in 2 stanzas of 5 3-syllable lines.
  • Rhyme scheme: aaaaa bbbbb
  • The poem should tell a story, but this is not required.
  • It may be doubled, in which case the additional stanzas would rhyme ccccc ddddd. But of course, it would not be a decastich if doubled so we will stick to the original 2 stanzas for this exercise.

10-line Poem Challenge #10: Carpe Diem – Koala


10-line Poem Challenge #10: Carpe Diem – Koala

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Koala- Loveable Australia Animal

Koala, with tailless body,
and it’s large fluffy ears.
Clinging by claws
for its eucalyptus diet of leaves.
Big nose,
and popping eyes,
brown to silver-grey fur,
a true Australia icon.
Little joeys live in their mother’s pouch.

The Carpe Diem was created by Pat Simpson on August 15, 2010.

It is a Decastich written in one single stanza.
Carpe diem means “seize the day;” therefore, the subject should be anything that makes you happy.
There is no meter or rhyme requirement.
But each line has a prescribed syllabic length: 8-6-4-2-10-2-4-6-8-10

10-line Poem Challenge #9: Copla Real – Summer Glory


10-line Poem Challenge #9: Copla Real – Summer Glory

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Fruits of life

Sun and rain grew fresh plump fruit
bitter fruit don’t blame the taproot
trees courageous inducing,
vitamins therefore producing
wellness always an attribute

Clouds send rain quenching the earth
then the flowers bloom, giving birth
very little space for selfishness
nature provides, no evilness
so one day you can reap your worth.

My Rhyme: aabba, ccddc

The Copla Real comes from 15th Century Spain. The name means “Royal Stanza.”

  • It is a decastich made of 2 Quintillas.
  • A Quintilla is a 5-line stanza of 8-syllables with 2 rhyming sounds.
  • The rhymes may be in any combination as long as the quintet does NOT end with a rhyming couplet. Possibilities are: ababa, abbab, abaab, aabab, abbba, or aabba.
  • Whatever rhyming pattern appears in the first Quintilla will be repeated in the second, with two different rhyming sounds, hence: cdcdc, cddcd, etc.

10-line Poem Challenge #8: Decuain – Barbecue Weather


10-line Poem Challenge #8: Decuain  – Barbecue Weather

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Summer Barbecue Festival

Long hot summer, that’s barbecue weather
Cooking, eating, food outdoors, sure smells good
Hotdogs, hamburgers go well together
Red hot charcoal embers glow, there’s no wood
food smells drifting around the neighborhood
The smell of smoke lingering in the air
Family overfed is a likelihood
Now the evening is over, I declare
As I made my way to the brown deck chair
Tiredness taking over, eyes closed, unfair.

The Decuain (pronounced “deck-WAN”) was created by Shelley A. Cephas.

It is a decastich written in one single stanza on any subject.

  • This form feels a little more traditional than some of the others we have studied because all the lines are written in iambic pentameter.
  • There are only three rhyming sounds in the decuain, but you have three set choices for rhyme scheme.
  • The rhyme scheme of the first 8 lines is always ababbcbc.
  • The rhyme for lines 9-10 may be: aa, bb, or cc.
  • My Rhyme scheme: ababbcbccc

10-line Poem Challenge #7: Decathlon – Cape Gooseberry

Cape Gooseberry

10-line Poem Challenge #7: Decathlon – Cape Gooseberry

Photo Credit

Unusual Berrys

Cape gooseberries, Goldenberries
have been around since the Stone Age
Amour en cage
That’s French meaning “Love in a Cage”
grows in prairies
good dietary fiber content
exotic garnish supplement
use with no rage
lives in a calyx, until it is ripe
Sweet taste, golden color when removed wipe.

The Decathlon was created by Anne Pendleton as a teaching tool or writing exercise. The name comes from the Greek, meaning “contest of ten.”

 Decathlon is a:

  • Decastich is written in one single stanza on any subject.
  • Rhythm: iambic (soft-strong – ̆ ʹ – i.e. per-FORM)
  • Meter: lines 1,2,4,6,7 tetrameter; lines 3,5,8 dimeter; lines 9,10 pentameter (heroic couplet)
  • Rhyme scheme: axbxaccbdd

10-line Poem Challenge #6 Ercil – Early Century Art


#10-line Poem Challenge #6 Ercil – Early Century Art

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Early Century Art

boat building
that’s good graining
mounted fulfilling
cutting edge
first class frontier
stranded on the edge
not boring.

The Ercil was created by James Gray in honor of Arkansas poet Ercil Brown. It appears to be an exercise in a meter. I had some trouble trying to work out and understand writing in meter, I would rather write poetry in Syllables, so hope this poem worked, anyone understanding the Ercil form of poetry, please feel free to correct me.

Ercil is a:

  • Decastich is written in one single stanza on any subject.
  • Rhythm: iambic
  • Meter: lines 1,5 dimeter; lines 2,6,9,10 trimeter; lines 3,7 tetrameter; lines 4,8 pentameter
  • Rhyme scheme: ababcdcdee

The meter is not so tricky if you think of it this way:
In order, the lines each have 2-3-4-5-2-3-4-5-3-3 metric feet.

10-line Poem Challenge #5: Gardenia – Disguising a Muffin


10-line Poem Challenge #5: Gardenia – Disguising a Muffin

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Disguising a Muffin

A cake I cooked today
Was tough upon the tray
I think I will call it
A muffin, then I will quit
Now cooking, not for me
too busy, like a bee
Tried putting fresh berries
on the top with cherries
Added sweetening with ease
maybe I should just freeze

Gardenia is a:

  • Decastich made of 5 couplets.
  • Focuses on the amphibrach, a stress pattern of soft-strong-soft [i.e. to-MA-to]
  • Meter: amphibraic dimeter. But although each line has only two feet, it has six syllables, since the amphibrach is made of three syllables.
  • Rhyme scheme: aabbccddee

10-line Poem Challenge #4: Amphion – Early Morning Walk


#10-line Poem Challenge #4: Amphion – Early Morning Walk

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Early Morning Walk

Dark morning scene between two trees
Never the same
That is a shame
Leaves moving in a gentle breeze
Birds disappeared
That was weird
Completely gone, out of my sight
Sun is rising
How surprising
Was very dark, now its daylight.

 Amphion is a:

  • Decastich written on any subject.
  • Having four tetrameter lines alternating with rhymed dimeter couplets.
  • No particular rhythm was specified so you may use whatever you prefer.
  • Rhyme scheme: abbaccdeed

10-line Poem Challenge #3: Sacred Signia – Beautiful Universe


10-line Poem Challenge #3: Sacred Signia – Beautiful Universe

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Beautiful Universe

As the sun moves around the universe
Bringing solace
The days turn into nights, just like clockwork
without ageless
Adapt the pace of nature, be patience
Being flawless
Bringing peace within, without temptation
Leading your life with anticipation.
Embrace living creatures, that’s not absurd
Beauty of the earth is never unheard.

Sacred Signia is a:

  • Decastich written in iambic rhythm.
  • Created by Viola Berg as a teaching tool or writing exercise.
  • Lines 1,3,5,7-10 are in iambic pentameter.
  • Lines 2,4,6 are in iambic dimeter.
  • Rhyme scheme: ababcbccaa

10-line Poem Challenge #2 Quinnette – Hungry Youngsters


10-line Poem Challenge #2 Quinnette – Hungry Youngsters

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Hungry Youngsters

Mouths wide open squawking, feed
Which one should mother first heed
one to the left or right
So much noise for feed or greed
Now for mother to proceed

Young making so much din
One on the left rather thin
Time, mother took to flight
now they look like siamese twin
Waiting for another spin

 Quinnette is a:

  • Decastich made of 2 quintains.
  • Created by Ethelyn Miller Hartwych as a teaching tool or writing exercise.
  • Designed for the elfin or humorous, or for nature themes.
  • Each line is in trochaic tetrameter except ll. 3 & 8, which are in trochaic trimeter.
  • Rhyme scheme: aabaa ccbcc