My name is Elsie Hagley, I have been on the internet for some time now and enjoy writing.

Was writing lens at Squidoo for nearly four years until their closure September 2014.

All my 240 lenses were transferred to HubPages, which over the last twenty months have slowly been deleted to just over 60 hubs, as that platform require a different type of writing and must be what Google likes.

I’m slowly transferring my hubs to this website as HubPages has most of them unfeatured and Google cannot see them now.  VERY SAD.
Because that is the only way you can earn, which I’m not worried about money, just want to write.

It’s all the unfeatured hubs because of lack of visits from Google, that stresses me, I can write without that.

By having my own blog, I can be my real self and write what I like writing about, not what Google wants.

If you are a HubPage writer you will understand what I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a writer, that’s how I came to name my blog – Ramblings of a Writer.

John and Elsie Hagley.

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