# New Poetry Form – Freku – Dreaming of Spring


# New Poetry Form – Freku – Dreaming of Spring

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Ronovan of Ronovan Writes invented a new poetry form, way back in December 2015, called Freku, the instructions can be found here. It includes Freestyle & Haiku

Dreaming of Spring

Mean frosts everyday
frozen slippery alleyway
snow flurries falling
now sleeping until morning

Embers slowly die
smoke drifting slowly up high
Can smell pumpkin pie
Drifting slowly, now goodbye

Fields of yellow flowers
in my dream I had a shower
Thawing mind and soul
now heading for a spring roll
Waking up on the cold floor
all that snow at the back door

Now the Haiku

winter oh so harsh
the seasons just follow through
welcome a spring day

  • Write a poem with stanzas four lines each.
  • The first two stanzas should rhyme.
  • The next two stanzas should rhyme.
  • Continue in this manner for each stanza until completed with poem.
  • Close with a Haiku of 5/7/5 or 3/5/3 syllable structure that is basically the prose piece in three lines.

Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley

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