#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 114 – Emotions & Healing


#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 114 – Emotions & Healing

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The “Weekly Tanka Challenge Prompt” is now also a Poetry Challenge (any form).

Use the weekly poetry prompt “emotions & healing”  to write a poem – any form, your choice, also please feel free to substitute these prompt words with a “synonym”.

World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on 10 September 2018, the reason for this poem.

Double Etheree Poem – Emotions and Healing

confusion kills.
Don’t save emotions.
Channel them all out now
never ignore your feelings.
Understand why you feel like this
wounded heart will heal in the future,
never be ashamed to weep, that’s grieving
emotions heal when they are heard, so speak
concealing twisted emotions kill
or damage the mind forever.
Feeling good is everything,
sun’s shining. Let it shine,
give someone a hug,
opens your heart.
Listen, you
can hear

Free Verse – No limitations

Sidlak Poetry – is a structured poetry consisting of five lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables and a color. The last line must be a color that describes the whole poem or the feeling of the writer.

Etheree Poetry – Syllabic Pattern: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, Rhyme: None

Reverse Etheree Poetry – The only difference is that the syllabic count is reversed: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Double Etheree – Two Etheree stanzas, where the second one is reversed.Syllabic count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Rhyme not required

Triolet  Poetry – consists of 8 lines. Line 1, 4 and 7 are the same line repeated.  So are lines 2 and 8. No syllable count, although the preferred one for repeating forms is the standard eight syllables. Rhyme ABaAabAB, capital letters representing repeated lines

Haiku/Senryu Poetry – Here is an in-depth description of Haiku/Senryu Poem (also called human haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all. Senryu is usually written in the present tense and only references to some aspect of human nature or emotions. They possess no references to the natural world and thus stand out from nature/seasonal haiku.

Shadorma Poetry– is a Spanish poetic form. A poem of six lines 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllables no set rhyme scheme. It can have many stanzas, as long as each follows the meter.

Bussokusekika Poetry – a pattern of 5-7-5-7-7-7 Tanka poem with an extra phrase of seven added on at the end.

Retourne Poetry is a French form of poetry. It is in tetrameter, sixteen lines, eight syllables per line, does not require a specific rhyme scheme.

Stanza 2 line 1 repeats Stanza 1 line 2 
Stanza 3 line 1 repeats Stanza 1 line 3 
Stanza 4 line 1 repeats Stanza 1 Line 4

Tetractys   5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20), it can be written with more than one verse but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count.

Double Tetractys A decastich (10-line stanza) with an emphasis on the syllabic count of each line. Syllabic count: 1-2-3-4-10-10-4-3-2-1 It should express a complete thought and may be on any theme and express any mood. Rhyme is optional.

Tanka Poetry – consists of five units, usually with the following pattern of 5-7-5-7-7 which is syllables.

The first three lines (5/7/5) are the upper phase. This upper stage is where you create an image in your reader’s mind.

The last two lines (7/7) of a Tanka poem are called the lower phase.  The final two lines should express the poet’s ideas about the image that was created in the three lines above.

Not sure of your Syllable count?

  1. You can use the photo above, your own or no photo at all.
  2. The choice is yours, write any style of poetry you wish with the prompt

Copy and paste the link to your finished poem in the comments below. I will acknowledge them the following week, also share on social networks, as I receive them.

Bloggers that posted on the Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge – Week 113 – Poverty & Gifted – 12th Sept 2018

Erhynireh – Author of Erhynireh.Wordpress.com, says she is a sentimental fool, I say – Not true, she is a very caring lady I have known for some years on WordPress platform, I fully recommend her as a great writer.

Helene Vaillant – A lady in her seventies writing ”Willow Poetry” a survivor of cancer, doing the most with her life.

Reena Saxena – Founder of ReInventions — Coach, Trainer, Writer and Personal Branding Consultant.

Joelle LeGendre – Author of Ranting Along blog, loves writing and her animals, a blog with humor that you just have to smile.

The Dark Netizen – Author of The Dark Netizen Blog writes mostly Flash Fiction, also some Haiku poetry.

Bob Author of Bob FairField Website, He has very interesting poetry, great site to check out.

Deepa Author of Sync with deep. She is a working homemaker with a teenage son. Please visit her site, she has many interesting posts.

Susan – Author of The Abject Muse blog is a writer, editor, proofreader, and introvert.

The Bag Lady – Cheryl is a widow, handicapped, a constant writer on her blog, loves doing most things.

Linda Lee Lyberg – Author of Charmed Chaos writes about Musings of Life, Love, and Linguini, she has interesting poetry, short stories.

Deborah – Author of A Wise Woman’s Journey Blog, Deborah is a poet and as she say’s a “cat mama”.

30 thoughts on “#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 114 – Emotions & Healing

  1. Reena wrote an interesting sidlak poem and true to the challenge prompt, it really hit home to me, as at the age of eighteen that was exactly what happened to me, don’t worry I am all good now, but it made me stop and think about what could have been if I had not been sick from overdosing on sleeping pills. Any one reading this, please comment if you need someone to listen to, as I had no one in the darkness of the night, after I had run away from home, I will reply.


    • Thanks for the kind comment. Writing poetry isn’t hard once you get going. Just like you are good at taking photos, something I’m useless at, hands shake too much, enjoy your day.


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