#New Poetry Form – Argonelies – Loving Animals


#New Poetry Form – Argonelies – Loving Animals

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#New Poetry Form

Love For Animals

child displays much caring
for a bunny and loving it.
Love for animals, never quit.
Camera captures sharing.

An Argonelles is:
Stanzaic: Composed of any number of quintains
Syllabic: with lines of 2/6/8/8/6 syllables
Rhyme scheme: xabba
Meter and theme at poet’s discretion.

6 thoughts on “#New Poetry Form – Argonelies – Loving Animals

    • Thanks Carolyn it is a beautiful image, the blue eyes captures the heart. Weekend was quiet, and John isn’t getting any better, prostate cancer getting worse, we have a hospital appointment 26 September, will see what can be done to slow it down. Thinking positivity, thats all I can do. Hope you have a peaceful week.

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