Tummy Tuesday: Grapes to Wine Poetry


Tummy Tuesday: Grapes to Wine Poetry

#New Poetry Form  – Amandas Pinch

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Grapes to Wine

Grapes beautiful red, blue, yellow, green or crimson,
grapes for the table or the making of fine wine.
wine aroma comes from the strong thick skins
wine tasters always smell the wine.
Wine tasters always smell the wine
Grape wine, non alcoholic always wins
Wine tasters enjoy, they always walk a straight line
Tasty grape wine for you and me is the mission

What is Amanda’s Pinch Poetry Form?
It was Created by  Amanda J. Norton, Oct. 18, 2013 on Allpoetry

Syllable count 12/12/10/8/8/10/12/12
Rhyme Scheme abcDDcba, (with line 5 a refrain of line 4)
Alliteration is required in every line.
It looks well centered.
Its structure giving the impression of being gently pinched together,
then springing back in a mirror image.
It may be doubled.

Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley

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