Double Tetractys  – Sushi or Sashimi


Double Tetractys  – Sushi or Sashimi

#10 Lined  Poem

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Sushi or Sashimi a Japanese Poem

it’s raw fish
Japanese sushi hand-pressed mounds of rice
key seasonings soy sauce and wasabi
drinking green tea
pairs well

Authors note: Sushi is not raw fish, Sashimi is just sliced raw fish.

There are many types of Sushi, it was a very interesting study, I learned a lot about Sushi.

Double Tetractys A decastich (10-line stanza) with an emphasis on the syllabic count of each line. Syllabic count: 1-2-3-4-10-10-4-3-2-1 It should express a complete thought and may be on any theme and express any mood. Rhyme is optional.

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