10-line Poem Challenge #15: Decannelle – Memories


10-line Poem Challenge #15: Decannelle – Memories

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Enjoyments of Old Age

Sight of food always excites me
Pizza with much stringy cheese
Mushrooms, tomatoes, and olives
and a cup of coffee, please.
In order to really enjoy
nice view always guarantees.
The company of my husband,
a gentleman and so kind,
bringing memories, courting days,
strongly in my tired mind.

The Decannelle is a decastich (10-line poem) created by Joseph Nutter. It was made popular in 1949 when published in a poetry magazine.

  • It is written in a single 10-line stanza in trochaic tetrameter, alternating between feminine and masculine endings.
  • Odd-numbered lines have unrhymed feminine endings (8 syllables each)
  • Even-numbered lines have rhymed masculine endings (7 syllables each)
  • Rhyme scheme: xaxaxaxbxb – with the x being unrhymed
  • The Decannelle may be written on any topic.

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