Thank You – to all my 2000, followers.


Thank You – to all my 2000, followers.

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Today I’m celebrating with Soap Bubbles
Hopefully, there are 2000 Bubbles
One for every one of my followers
To catch as they float all around the world.

I’m very grateful, today my blog turn over
three naughts at the end of number two
You have all made me a very happy soul
Blessings to you all, you have made my day

Quote: I sometimes forget to say thank you to the people who make the biggest difference in my life. Who help to make the bad stuff bearable, and the good stuff much more fun. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friend!

43 thoughts on “Thank You – to all my 2000, followers.

  1. Congrats Elsie! I do not have 2,000 just yet. You will get more as your posts are a good share always! I find that out of my 1,000+ therein lies “funny” ones that will spam me and my friends who read my posts. I am unsure if you face the same thing? I was unsure if I can delete these?

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    • Thanks, you have a great blog, I always have a smile on my face while visiting and reading, I love it. I have been lucky, I have had none of my followers spam me, they are very kind and courteous with their comments. Not sure if I’m reading this right, about the deleting bit, but you can always unfollow anyone following you when you want too. Hope you have had a peaceful Sunday after working on Saturday.


  2. I am so impressed and yet not surprised, because you are such a good online friend to those who follow your blog. Congratulations: well deserved! Bubbles wouldn’t last one second in Wellington today, by the way.

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    • Thank you, I like awards and will carry it on and award it to other bloggers, which isn’t easy these days, are so many wonderful blogs on WordPress. Have a peaceful week, my friend.


    • What a beautiful comment, it hit my heart. Thanks, I really appreciate a comment written from the heart, my friend. Yes, it would be a wonderful experience to meet over coffee.


  3. Love the bubbles, and to think of them floating around the world, bringing joy!
    Thank you, Elsie, for sharing your lovely poems with us. It’s always a treat to read them.
    Happy Friday & weekend! ❤

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    • Thank you, my friend, I appreciate your kind comment, I always enjoy reading your posts, you give me many smiles, and your flower of the day always brighten my day, they are so beautiful. Have a nice weekend,


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