10-line Poem Challenge #2 Quinnette – Hungry Youngsters


10-line Poem Challenge #2 Quinnette – Hungry Youngsters

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Hungry Youngsters

Mouths wide open squawking, feed
Which one should mother first heed
one to the left or right
So much noise for feed or greed
Now for mother to proceed

Young making so much din
One on the left rather thin
Time, mother took to flight
now they look like siamese twin
Waiting for another spin

 Quinnette is a:

  • Decastich made of 2 quintains.
  • Created by Ethelyn Miller Hartwych as a teaching tool or writing exercise.
  • Designed for the elfin or humorous, or for nature themes.
  • Each line is in trochaic tetrameter except ll. 3 & 8, which are in trochaic trimeter.
  • Rhyme scheme: aabaa ccbcc

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