A to Z – 1 April 2018 – A is for Acridotheres tristis – Myna Haibun


A to Z Challenge 1 April 2018

A is for Acridotheres tristis – Myna Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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A is for Acridotheres tristis – The Binomial name for the Myna Bird

The myna (also spelled as mynah) is a bird of the starling family, a real pest in my hometown, when we lived in the Taranaki east backcountry you never saw them, thank goodness.

They are very bossy birds, and even when I try to chase them away, they will stand their ground and stare at me, most likely thinking I’m mad, which I am especially when they are eating the grapes.

In Australia, the Common Myna was named “The Most Important Pest/Problem”.

Its black hooded head
yellow patch behind the eye
with legs bright yellow.

Hold their ground squeaking at me
letting me know they’re the boss.

This post is a Haibun which records a scene, or a special moment, which is usually followed by a Haiku poem, but mine is followed by a Tanka poem my favorite form of poetry so there may be another name for it, like. TANBUN. Haha.

My future Haibun will be all Haiku poetry.

16 thoughts on “A to Z – 1 April 2018 – A is for Acridotheres tristis – Myna Haibun

    • Yes, I have had a nice day thanks, hope you had the same.
      Ready to do the dishes now, no dishwasher here, something I can say I have never washed dishes in a dishwasher yet, I don’t think there are many that can say that, mainly because on a farm, only tank water, must not waste water.

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      • You will be surprised to know, Elsie, that I haven’t a dishwasher either. Keith keeps asking if I want one, but, I always say I’m happy to wash up. I find it somewhat therapeutic/calming; and if the truth be known – I believe I do a better job! Hahaaaa.. Keith just shakes his head.. 🙂

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