#Twittering Tales – 75 – The Frog


#Twittering Tales – 75 – The Frog

Photo Credit – Photo by Couleur at Pixabay.com

You are a lucky frog living in a well you have a quick get-a-way from the Kingfisher, no way would he go down that hole in the ground.

Living in a pond the Kingfisher would follow you through the water until you were caught or maybe get your back leg as you swam.

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Photo Credit

Note, I have seen this happen in real life.

8 thoughts on “#Twittering Tales – 75 – The Frog

  1. What an incredibly handsome bird, Elsie!
    Yes, the strongest survive; and all need food… That would have been quite exciting to see.. 🙂
    A few rather large frogs live in our front yard; we often see them when watering. It took us quite a while to realise the ‘droppings’ were the frogs. They are quite large!
    Hope all is well with you.. 🙂

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  2. My girlfriend has a koi fish pond and she has lots of frogs. The enemies the frogs have there are a raccoon and wild cats. She takes a metal pan and makes a racket to scare animals away, since she and her husband dint want the fish eaten either!!

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