#Twittering Tales – 73 – Wooden Fence


#Twittering Tales – 73 – Wooden Fence

Photo Credit – photo by MabelAmber at Pixabay.com

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Please tell me, what good is a wooden fence in the middle of a stream?

You can get under, over, and around it.

Maybe it was swept downstream in a flood, that’s not a good answer, it would be laying down not standing up.

Your thoughts, please.

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A quick note: I need to take a break from writing as my head isn’t thinking right, but I’m not happy if I don’t write so please excuse any errors, I have to stop and think often and work out how to spell a word, that used to be so easy to spell now it is becoming very confusing to spell. It is not helping me in my stressful life, with my husband not well and my head is deserting me.

Smiles! Happy days.

25 thoughts on “#Twittering Tales – 73 – Wooden Fence

  1. I see a plank, Elsie, and the fence seems to be nailed to it. Could it be to help the would be stream crosser’s balance whilst crossing – ‘gingerly’? Whatever the reason, it’s very intriguing and amusing!
    Thinking of you… 🌹

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    • Yes, I think you are right, a bridge like that wouldn’t last long in New Zealand.
      Support, yes it is getting very hard, my family makes it hard as they are starting to show how they feel about the situation, and it’s breaking me down. Tomorrow we go to the New Plymouth Base hospital for x-rays on the back for all the pain, in the afternoon we go back to the specialist, maybe we will end up in Palmerston North for radiotherapy, this been going on for two years now, my husband, is very stubborn, he would have no treatment now his health is getting worse he needs help, hope its not too late.
      Thanks for letting me write it down, every little bit helps with the stress.

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  2. It’s an odd looking bridge for sure. Whoever built it there must be either humorous or slightly deranged. Or, it might be there to block snowdrift when the water freeze up? That doesn’t sound quite right either.

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  3. I think that fence might be one side (railing) that’s left standing of an old bridge? I hope you safely “bridge” your life’s swift current and find a quiet space to rest…prayers!

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    • Thanks for the nice comment, yes I think that’s a good answer to the bridge. Yes, I need your prayers, I’m really feeling under the weather, my health needs to improve it’s getting me very worried, thanks once again. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

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    • Thanks Lynn for your comment, the rest of the bridge must have been washed away. Yes, I must find that quiet space, but I don’t think there will be much peace until Johns (my husband) health is better, today I will find out what the future holds. Have a nice weekend.

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  4. It must be the relic of a bridge, but it is indeed strange that there are not other shambles strewn about. Interesting picture. I trust you will soon feel better. Hang in here with the blogging. We need you. I haven’t participated in Twittering Tales for quite some time. Thanks for the reminder. I like them. 😀

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