February Writing Prompt: – Immortally Cantankerous – Day 21/28


#February Writing Prompt: – Immortally Cantankerous – Day 21/28

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Lifetime pet loved by all of us
turned into an Irritable grumpy old dog
He was not trustworthy with his mood
So off to the vet he went in a cage

News was not good he had cancer
The vet advised us to put him down
Tears ran freely loosing our best friend
we knew he was not an everlasting mate.

I wrote this post last Tuesday morning 20th of February before Cyclone Geta hit Taranaki, we got the power back on Friday afternoon, and water supply that night.

It is now Sunday afternoon, I’m posting this Day 21,  of the “February Writing Prompt” but I will not write the last seven posts for this challenge, not feeling the best, resting up, my head will not focus, feeling nauseous. I will do the “Weekly Tanka Challenge” next week, otherwise, I will have a break from writing.

Still reading all my followers post, just not writing.

21 thoughts on “February Writing Prompt: – Immortally Cantankerous – Day 21/28

  1. Hi Elsie,
    Do hope you’re feeling much better now; I missed your posts so thought I’d pop over to see what’s happening! It must be wonderful to have the power and water back again. Take it easy; we’ll still be here when you’re up to writing again..
    Lots of Love

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    • Thanks, Carolyn, I have stopped receiving emails from my followers on WordPress every time they post, over a hundred emails every day, I’m reading their post in the WordPress reader, I hope it doesn’t mean that my followers don’t get an email when I post.
      Just set it up in case I’m unable to use my computer when I’m not feeling well, so my email box doesn’t get overloaded like it nearly did with the power loss for three days.
      Happy days writing hopefully soon, I have lost all interest in my blog at the moment, hope I feel better soon. All the best my friend and thanks once again.

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