February Writing Prompt: – Precarious Quandaries – Day 17/28


#February Writing Prompt: – Precarious Quandaries – Day 17/28

Gun Quandaries

The gun law in American is in a rather precarious position
Who believes that now is not the time to do something about it?
To me, as an outsider, gun laws in America need more control
and now is the time to do something, don’t keep putting it off

If anyone has a doubt on what to do, take a look at other countries
Politicians need to remember the dangerous situation they are in.
People they serve want help in controlling the gun laws, the deaths
and killings of so many of their loved ones especially children must stop.

This is dedicated to the families in Florida who lost their loved ones in the recent school shooting. I watch CNN, following the stress of all the people suffering, and felt the sadness as if it was my own children, I hope one day there will be a change in the law and that guns are not so readily available for everyone.

I think that today’s prompt “Precarious Quandaries” fits the shootings at Florida High school nicely because of the replies by the politicians and the leader of America.

Quandaries mean – a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation in which you are involved. doubt, indecision, the jury is still out.

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