Four Days to Christmas 2017 – Tanka Poem


Four Days to Christmas 2017 – Tanka Poem

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four days left to shop
Christmas presents still to buy
hunting through the malls
mind is slowly shutting down
will be glad when its over

Have you finished all the Christmas Gift Shopping?

Or do you do Christmas shopping?

Some families give money which is very helpful at this time of the year.

Love to read your comments.

Seasons Greetings my Friends, my thoughts are with you at this very trying time

Season of good Cheer and Laughter – keep smiling.

7 thoughts on “Four Days to Christmas 2017 – Tanka Poem

  1. I typically shop by mail [mostly using Amazon], since most purchases are shipped free, and arrive as late as Christmas Eve. It’s simply more convenient.

    I also give through my postal worker, who leaves a bag in the box asking for “edible” food items. Sometimes, I buy a bag at the grocery store, contribute to the Salvation Army, and/or give at the checkout. There’s plenty of opportunity to gift!

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  2. Haha… Elsie, I am generally over and out by this time, but, not this year! Hopefully, I’ll find the Japanese Tea Set the daughter has asked for today. Wish me luck! 🙂
    I love your Tanka; it certainly speaks my truth of this past week.
    Elsie, I wish for you a wonderful Festive Season with all good things being available to you. I’ve loved this year getting to know you; you are, indeed, an inspirational woman.
    See you in 2018…
    With Love
    Carolyn ❤

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    • All the best with lots of wishes for the festive season that you deserve, and good luck for the Japanese Tea Set.
      Thanks for the kind remark but I’m not so sure about the inspirational part.
      Happy days my friend, yes I will see you in 2018, only positive thoughts.

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  3. I had my Christmas bought and wrapped before December started, but part of that was because I knew I was releasing a book, and I figured I’d have NO time. (I was right.)

    I have shopped at the last minute on other years, though, so I can totally relate to your lovely poem. 🙂

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    • Oh! You are so good, many have that idea every year, but not many manage to do it.
      I don’t know how you find the time to write a book, I think I spend too much time writing and reading on WordPress.
      Wishing you a happy and festive Christmas my friend, keep smiling.

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