Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 72 – Morning & Challenge


Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 72 – Morning & Challenge

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#NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 22

#weeklytankachallenge -72

Simple Guidelines.

Using the words “morning & challenge” and write a tanka poem.

Tanka poetry consists of five units, usually with the following pattern of    5-7-5-7-7 which is syllables.

The first three lines (5/7/5) are the upper phase. This upper stage is where you create an image in your reader’s mind.

The last two lines (7/7) of a Tanka poem are called the lower phase.  The final two lines should express the poet’s ideas about the image that was created in the three lines above.

Not sure of your Syllable count? Check Here

  1. You can use the picture above, your own or no picture at all.

Copy and paste the link of your finished tanka in the comments below. I will acknowledge them the following week, also share on social networks.

My tanka poem  – using the words “morning & challenge”.

Young sport minded kids
ready to challenge, a team
dress attire to form
memories of my children
every saturday morning.

There is no deadline here, if you would like to write a Tanka Poem from past weeks please do, I will add them to the appropriate week so readers can read them.

Bloggers that entered “Weekly Tanka Challenge” Week 71 – Beauty & Wild – 15 November 2017 – Thank you.

Joelle LeGendre – Two on a Rant, only on her own at the moment.

Frank J Tassone – Writer, Teacher, Husband and father, he has a Haijin in Action blog

Reena SaxenaFounder of ReInventions — Coach, Trainer, Writer and Personal Branding Consultant

Somawrites – She says that her blog is borne out of the need to prove, that one can actually escape their comfort zone if you put your mind to it, and she has succeeded.

The Bag Lady – Cheryl is a widow, handicapped, a constant writer on her blog, loves doing most things.

Deborah is the author of A Wise Woman’s Journey Blog she is a poet and as she say’s a “cat mama”.

StoryTeller Enjoys writing interesting short stories and poetry.

Sarah Whiley She writes short stories, poems, and has a weekly challenge for writers, interesting website, this week her post is titled – Relive.

Charmedchaos – Musings of Life, interesting poetry, short stories.


#NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 22

18 thoughts on “Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 72 – Morning & Challenge

      • Thanks dear.This week is very tiring mixed of good and bad news. Doing lots of walking on beach road. Nothing more refreshing. I shouldn’t but I worry a lot before clicking publish button. Thanks for the advice.


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