NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 18 – True Heart Writing


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#NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 18

What is Nano Poblano?

 It is thirty posts in the month of November for National Blog Posting Month (or as we call it over in Cheer Peppers town – NanoPoblano!)

A quote – giving you food for thought about writing.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” 

― William Wordsworth

My thoughts.

It is harder to do this than one can think it is, what comes from the heart can be very true, but cannot be written as it can hurt another human which is not my intentions when writing.

My heart breaths much love, which hurts me, bringing me to tears thinking about what I want to write about my personal life, knowing that if I do this I bring much anger from a very close family member.

As a result, I cannot fill my writings written from the heart.

Do you have a problem like this about writing from the heart?


24 thoughts on “NanoPoblano 2017 – Day 18 – True Heart Writing

  1. I feel that when a writer writes what’s inside of their heart to get things off of their chest, it can bring healing, which is necessary for your mental, physical and spiritual being. Perhaps changing the characters names, exact locations, time-frame, etc., can make the story sound as though it’s based on fiction instead of real life facts. Good Luck. 🙂

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    • Yes, another good idea, but it’s only my body that knows the situation if I say nothing no one will ever know, so no one will ever be hurt, but others in my family should know this, but no one will ever know if it’s the truth if I wait much longer.
      Happy days writing.

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  2. Yes, I understand those feelings of wanting to share your heart but not wanting to hurt someone else. I think it’s wise to limit the extent of vulnerability online as not everyone who reads is a true friend. We can express feelings more subtly with some poetic license!

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  3. Yes it is very hard. There are some things that are true about our family which would cause much rage and upset if I was to write them in any public forum. What worries me is that the angry person/s could very well hurt others in retaliation beside me. So I don’t write them.

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  4. Perhaps, Elsie, you may need to speak about this with someone you trust; maybe a professional person. Once you’ve done this the answer may come more easily as to what the next step may be. Whatever you do I wish you well. With Love… 🙂

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    • Happy Sunday morning to you. Yes we should be able to talk to someone, in my case it is not the right thing to do at this stage of the situation, it is best to stay in my body than share it if I say nothing no one will ever be hurt.

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      • But, you are hurting, Elsie. It is my understanding that you have a responsibility to yourself; to take care of you. If it would help perhaps you could tell me (by email). Keeping it inside will do your harm… and I’m not going to tell anybody! Give it a go!


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