Carpe Diem #1283 On Our Way Home


Carpe Diem #1283 On Our Way Home

Chèvrefeuille wrote this –  Copied from His blog on BLOGSPOT, the link is above.

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary and I feel somewhat sad that this month is closing into its end, but until that moment we have still a few wonderful memories to look back at.

Today I have chosen a prompt that I used in December 2015, on our way home. It was one of the episodes I created about that wonderful haibun by Matsuo Basho, Oku no Hosomichi (Narrow Road Into the Deep North).

In December 2015 we followed his journey into the deep north and read his journal with each other. I remember that it is was a wonderful month in which we became even more in contact with the spirit of Basho, my master.

In that (triple) episode I mentioned a famous haiku poet and close friend of Basho, Kasugi Issho. Issho is not a well-known haiku poet nowadays, but it is said that he wrote wonderful haiku and love-poems.

Here is the only haiku which I could find written by Kasugi Issho. I have tried to translate it and honor Issho with that translation.

mi tsukushita me wa shirgiku ni  modori keri

seen with my eyes
white chrysanthemums
again I saw them

© Kasugi Issho (1652-1688)

A wonderful haiku Chèvrefeuille say’s –  As I have said often in five years of our existence haiku is the most beautiful way to express your feelings and thoughts.

My Post for “We are on our way home”, and thank you Kristjan for being a wonderful host.

I have learned so much about Japanese poetry and so much more in the last year since I wrote the Tributes for Jane Reichhold’s Legacy.


Photo Credit

My Haiku using the above image as a prompt

on my way back home
the world is before me now
nature at its best

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