Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 63 – Playful & Cold


Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 63 – Playful & Cold

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Simple Guidelines.

Using the words “playful & cold” and write a tanka poem.

Tanka poetry consists of five units, usually with the following pattern of    5-7-5-7-7 which is syllables.

The first three lines (5/7/5) are the upper phase. This upper stage is where you create an image in your reader’s mind.

The last two lines (7/7) of a Tanka poem are called the lower phase.  The final two lines should express the poet’s ideas about the image that was created in the three lines above.

Not sure of your Syllable count? Check Here.

You can use the picture above, your own or no picture at all.

Copy and paste the link of your finished tanka in the comments below. I will acknowledge them the following week, also share on social networks.

My tanka poem – using the words “playful & cold”.

playful little cub
frolicking around with mom
enjoying crisp snow
love to join in on the fun
but old bones ache with the cold

There is no deadline here, if you would like to write a Tanka Poem from past weeks please do, I will add them to the appropriate week so readers can read them.

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Reblog – Thankyou Frank.

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