Mcclendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 11


McClendonvilla September 2017 Challenge – Day 11

Photo Credit – The chancel of the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, New Zealand

Back Where I Come From

This challenge is based on Kenny Chesney’s song Back Where I Come From.  There are other home-and hometown-related questions to round out the 30 days of posts.

If you would like to participate in “Back Where I Come From Challenge”, Here is the link. Suzanne Gunter McClendon is the author of this challenge


Photo Credit

September 2017 – Day 11

Were there a lot of churches in your hometown? What about where you live now?

Yes, there are a lot of churches in Taranaki NZ.

We have Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist and Catholic Churches. Baptist,  Assembly of God, Jehovah Witness, and the Salvation Army only a few of them.

My husband and I are both an Anglican we were married in the St Peters Vicarage in Palmerston North NZ in 1959.

I copied this from the above link, (As an Anglican parish, we have links to a much wider body. We are part of the Diocese of Wellington), which is the Church I remember the best, the place that my husband and I made our wedding vows in.

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