Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 3


Reena’s Exploration Challenge  – Week 3

What are the things that you could have done and excelled at, but did not? Get into the underground of your existence. I am sure there is a lot that awaits your initiative…..

There are absolutely no restrictions or conditions on the format. Go wherever your creative mind takes you.


I have Excelled at everything I wanted in my Life

I have no untapped abilities waiting to be discovered

This is a hard prompt because, at my age seventy-seven, I have done everything in my life that I wanted to do.

Being a lover of animals, I have worked with them all my life, milked dairy cows, worked with sheep and at one-time bottle fed sixteen lambs when they lost their mother, bred cocker spaniel dogs, cats, and an aviary of budgies.

In this link, you can read how I ended up feeding all those lambs.

Always loved sewing, have worked for 30 years in the trade from the beginning, learning to sew in the industry, paper grading, cutting, and running a manufacturing business in women’s wear.

Brought up five children and helped to look after my grand children when there were problems with a broken home in their family life.

So I can truthfully say I have done all I wanted to in my life so all I want now is to relax and enjoy my husband and my extended family.

So in finishing this post, it isn’t answering the prompt in the way it was written to be answered, but who can say they have achieved everything they ever wanted in life?

You never know what opportunities will be waiting for me to discover in my golden years.

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9 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 3

  1. Congratulations on a well accomplished life! You missed out on one point – on continuing to inspire others on their journey. I am sure your extended family and friends draw a lot from you. I am immensely proud of having you as a part of my challenge. Thank you so much!

    The piece on your ewes is moving. I can relate to the trauma of losing them.

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