Six Sentence Stories – 60 – Border


Six Sentence Stories – 60 – Border

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This week cue is Border

Time has a border around every hour.

For example, if you are a nine to five worker that is the border for your working hours unless they are changed.

Sleep is another eight hours for you to get your beauty sleep another border around time.

The weekend is the special time of a border around time for you to do as you please in work or play.

If you own a business there is no border around time as you work every hour of every day to build your business.

So summing it all up there is a border around time wouldn’t you agree?


14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – 60 – Border

  1. Fence wind along the boarder as far as the eye can see. Tunnels from moles burrowing under it. Boarder crossings for the desperate ones risking it all to cross over. It is hard to plug all the holes in the ground. Mole hunting just like shooting rats in a barrel. Relocation seems not an option!


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