Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge – Week 2 – Late & Summer


Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge – Week 2 – Late & Summer

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Simple Guidelines.

Using the word “late & summer” write a Haiku poem.

Haiku poetry consists of three units, with the following pattern of    5-7-5 which is syllables.

Not sure of your Syllable count? Check Here

You can use the picture above, your own or no picture at all.

Copy and paste the link of your finished tanka in the comments below. I will acknowledge them the following week, also share on social networks as I receive them.

My haiku poem – using the word “late & summer”.

parch dry grass growing
late summer rains – full river
good start for autumn

Bloggers that wrote for the “Weekly  Haiku Challenge” Week 1 – Deep & Water – 8 th August 2017. Thank you.










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