Alphabet Soup Challenge Letter J – Journey


Alphabet Soup Challenge  Letter J – Journey

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I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup Challenge, Hosted by Cathy Lynn Brooks. It has nothing to do with Soup. It was just a funny name  Cathy made up to explain an event that requires bloggers to use every letter of the alphabet in random order to inspire daily posting. 

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life has been done.

Each day was born with a sunrise and it ended with a sunset, I tried to have control of it, every now and then things have happened which I had no control off, some were good others very hurtful, but I made it to a new day.

Just like the journey of the sun and moon that is predictable, my path went ahead as planned not straying off course, only one regret, the years went too fast if only we could turn back the hands of time.

What lies ahead of me will be magnificent and beautiful, I’m ready for it, no matter where my final path takes me.

Yes, my whole life has been a journey, if I knew at the beginning what I know now, I guess it wouldn’t make any difference as it has been my path, and my path alone which I have followed with my husband, with my heart and soul leaving behind five perfect and beautiful children with happiness and sorrow and some regrets.

I have no fear of my future, I may see the sunrise tomorrow and I may now, I’m prepared, if I don’t write tomorrow, I will be starting to prepare my journal for heaven, (I hope that is my destination) and will continue writing among the stars spreading the dust down to earth while smiling upon my friends.

Alphabet Challenge

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