Alphabet Soup Challenge Letter A – Admiration


Alphabet Soup Challenge  Letter A – Admiration

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I’m taking part in the Alphabet Soup Challenge, Hosted by Cathy Lynn Brooks.

Admiration – Thoughts and a Quote.

Admiration is a short-lived passion that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.

My Thought’s about the word Admiration

Men are not very good at loving, but they are experts at admiration, they can charm the hearts of beautiful ladies so easy, so beware ladies stay on top of a marriage/relationship always try to look your best and please your husband/partner, as often as you can, so he does not stray.

Admiration in a relationship, that will pass quickly, but lost admiration isn’t the end of a relationship, it then comes down to love and respect, eventually, there are many times of admiration, as the years go by, in a loving relationship, but as it says above, admiration is a short-lived passion, very true.


“When a man finds the woman he really loves, the one he respects and wants to call his wife, there is nothing on earth he won’t do for her. No mountain he won’t hike. No river he won’t wade. No door he won’t open. She is Eve and there’s not a snake crawling that can keep them apart.”

Yolanda Joe

Alphabet Challenge

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