One Lovely Blogger Award

one-lovely-blog-award (1)

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award.

A huge thank you to Linda at UrbanPoetry2017 for the “One Lovely Blogger Award”.

She is currently composing a Poetry eBook: Bird on a Branch, a very friendly happy lady.

This is the third time I have received this award and I appreciate it, I have had his blog since January 2016, have 1027 followers, have posted 668 articles.

I’m continuing to accept these awards to carry them forward, as there are many new exciting bloggers around, and it is a way for them to meet new blogs and writers.


Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and links their blog in their post. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
Must add 7 facts about themselves.
Nominate  (up to) 15 people to do the award!


John and Elsie Hagley with our youngest great-granddaughter born July 2016
Facts About Me:

I would like to nominate 15 bloggers who deserve the One Lovely Blogger Award and are new followers to my blog.

I’m not imposing anyone of you to write a post but each one of you here truly deserves this beautiful award, I see so many neat blogs as I’m surfing around the blog world, all of you are worthy of this.

18 thoughts on “One Lovely Blogger Award

    • So happy you are pleased to receive it, I enjoyed looking around the blog world looking for websites that stood out and yours is very attractive that caught my eye, shame there are not more bloggers looking around for fresh new ideas and letting writers know that their site is appreciated instead of writing all the time.
      Happy days, have a nice weekend.

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    • Thanks for the nice comment, you certainly deserve it, very attractive blog and you are an active blogger giving the reader nice and easy subjects to read, that is pleasant to the eye.
      Wishing you all the best for your future writing, have a nice weekend.


  1. Two lots of congratulations, Elsie… Firstly, congratulations for this award; you truly deserve it. Your blog is going great guns; the Tankas and the challenges you’ve engaged in have been truly inspiring to read…
    And secondly; congratulations for this beautiful image of you and John with your great-grand daughter. What a treasure she must be!

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    • Thanks for the nice comment, yes we have quite a few great grandchildren now, and they are all special, a new one arriving in July that makes forteen, we love them all.
      Have a nice day.

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  2. Hi, Elsie, I ‘ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award, please visit and have a look :)


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