100 Word Wednesday – Week 9 – Goat Track


100 Word Wednesday – Week 9 – Goat Track

Photo Credit – Toa Heftiba  

#100WW  – Join Bikurgurl in the 100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge using an image as a prompt.

Goat Track

Anna had been walking along a narrow track through the bush when she heard a noise behind her.

Ducking quickly into some thick fern bracken she peered out shaking a little wondering what it was.

There to her surprise, she saw a nanny goat with two kids (twins), only a couple of days old, something you don’t see a lot of.

She was so happy with what she saw she wished she had her camera.

Waiting a while she then when back to the track going the way she had come in, she didn’t want to disturb the young family.

100 words

9 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday – Week 9 – Goat Track

  1. Hi Kiwinana! Gosh, it’s hard to do a story in 100 words. Nice work! And here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask: is there a special significance to your name blog name kiwinana? Knowing you have a New Zealand background, I think? – I was thinking “kiwi” may come from that, and “nana” from …? Would love to hear about it in a future post, if you’re up for it! (you may have already written about this, my apologies)


    • Hi Theresa, You are right about writing a story in 100 words, after all, it must have a beginning and ending that makes sense to the reader, I’m good at writing anything doing with bush and animals because that is my life farming, “even if I say so myself”.
      Kiwinana came from like you said I live in NZ that’s kiwi country and the “nana bit is that I’m a nana of 14 grandchildren and a great nana to 14 great grandchildren in July. Very nice being a nana. Thanks for asking.
      It’s not so bad writing with my head down looking at the keyboard, it’s the reading on the screen, my head gets scrambled with a numbness and I cannot concentrate on reading long posts.
      Have a nice weekend, sending blessings your way.

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