Carpe Diem Namaste, The Spiritual Way #2 Pilgrimage


Carpe Diem Namaste, The Spiritual Way #2 Pilgrimage

Haiku is not only the poetry of nature but also the poetry of the spiritual nature.

At Carpe Diem we are going to explore the spiritual background of haiku and tanka.

This episode of “Namasté” is titled pilgrimage


Photo Credit  

We are on our way to our Inner Self, as the inside of a shell.

We encounter a scene, like the sound of a pebble thrown into the water and that brings us to a scene to create a haiku or tanka.

Self- discovery – that is human life should be on a constant pilgrimage of discovery, going deep into the inner-self, with the feelings of the vision felt throughout the whole body.

That’s a spiritual haiku or tanka, it is amazing feeling it takes over the whole body for a split-second.

A recording of that vision capture in the mind.


Photo Credit     An ocellated (spotted) octopus using a clamshell as a shelter

Tanka with deep thought’s from within – that vision is recorded in my mind – a haiku or tanka must come from a vision, my vision was the photo above when I first glimpse it.

curled up in clamshell
totally lost while resting
careless of surrounds
the beauty of that moment
lives in my body forever

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