Carpe Diem honors Jane Reichhold (1937-2017) B.) musical chord (tanka)


Carpe Diem honors Jane Reichhold (1937-2017) B.) musical chord (tanka)

Second episode of a special Theme Week in honor of Jane Reichhold, Queen of haiku and tanka.

Jane was a great tanka poetess and a great renga master/poetess.

Day 2 –  Five musical chord Tanka’s written by Elsie Hagley

jane enjoyed poetry
very rich in japanese praise
her love for tanka shone through
now high above the heavens
angels sing loud rejoicing

the musical chord
embracing your solitude
wish upon a star
wait those treasures will unfold
like the day tooth fairy came

born a butterfly
sometimes never to see life
music in the air
turning round to face the sun
here the bells ringing above

a loud music note
peeling from the heavens sky
time to slow life down
let the waves wash over time
rejoice in the fresh feeling

music fills the air
cool evening air flows around
resting rocking chair
drifting into a dazed sleep
brings memories courting days



Photo Credit

Five Tanka’s Written by Jane and picked by © Chèvrefeuille

flowered wind
in your wild hair
the will of love
as a bright nimbus
frames your rosy face

flowing over the mountains
wind in rain
the moaning of mothers
harsh breath among tears

musical chord
footsteps on the threshold
were growing up
a house once held a warmth
hearts beating alone together

face of the moon
in the hot tub
a swirl of bubbles
where one naked body moves
a liquid night-time sky

breaking to bits
fallen leaves
drawn down to earth
a hammered silver circle

© Jane Reichhold (A gift of Tanka)

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