Monday Morning Melts 16 January 2017


I’m now hosting Jade and Rosa #MondayMorningMelts.

I think this could be Week 8

Hope you enjoy it as it was one we had in November Notes, as I’m trying to get one posted for the third Monday in 2017 we will start with it

Sweet Serendipity by Lee DeWyze

A few lines from the song.

And I’ve got one pair of jeans

They’ve been stretched too far

And now they’re weak at the seams

I can’t say what’s next

And I got nothing up my sleeve

But I don’t lose my head

Here is a Tanka prompted by the song – Sweet Serendipity by Lee DeWyze

he has nothing now

somethings keeping him afloat

bare necessaries

watch the sun set over him

giving strength for the next day

Your Turn:

  1. Share a poem, story, or photo inspired by this week’s song-lyrics-prompt.
  2.  Tag your post with MondayMorningMelts
  3.  There are no word limits and no restrictions except to stay true to the theme.
  4.   Leave a link in the comments below and I will promote it also add all who wrote one in next week’s Monday Morning Melts.

The goal isn’t to create new content, but rather to share pieces that melt the heart, tickle the soul, and brighten up a typically gloomy Monday.

11 thoughts on “Monday Morning Melts 16 January 2017

    • Hi Jade, yes it’s alright sharing the poem, you write great poems, we are writing here for some Monday Morning fun, the main thing is to create a smile and plenty of laughter on the readers face.
      Thanks for the kind words about me as the host for this series that you and Rosema have already got it motivated.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for commenting, I have been doing it for three weeks now, very little response to it, I was thinking of giving it up I have too many projects on the go and my head isn’t that good, been having a lot of problems and pain not looking good, need to stop and rest I think. Have a nice weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean!! I love the idea of the Monday Morning Melts, but since I’m not familiar with a lot of the music, I decided to stay on a theme of my wedding — as love is easy to morph into many songs that were used with the girls when they started the series. I’ve not been consistent about keeping up with any challenge except my recently started 100 Word Wednesdays and Sonya’s Three Line Tales. I am doing some work on my blog now and, honestly, still haven’t taken the time to listen to the song posted for this week. I wonder if there’s some correlation to bloggers not having time to listen? Hmmmm…..Thank you so much for taking it over and posting!!


      • {and I think the second question is: what would be success for you? Something I didn’t worry about when I started my 100 Word Wednesdays as the real push was self-motivation, but I love to have others join the ride. If it’s something you do but don’t get a lot out of it, how could you get more out of it?} Just random thoughts!! Thank you so much for all your contributions to our writing community!! 🙂


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