My Monthly Memories – December 2016


My Monthly Memories – December 2016


I was invited by Basant to join her in “My Monthly Memories” for 2016.

December 2016 was another busy month writing but mainly poetry, have had a lot of fun writing Pantoum a new form of Poetry to me.

My blog has just about reached its limit for images so this will be my last post on Ramblings of a writer 2016, as I’m not buying more space or upgrading.

I will now be writing poetry and posting it on “Poets Corner”.

Wrote a few Photo Fiction Stories which I enjoy writing.

Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenges. (Posted Week 25 on December 28th) it is still being published, not sure what to do about that, will toss up about whether I continue with that one.

Enjoy writing Twittering Tales for Kat Myman website, which is interesting only 140 Characters, if you haven’t tried it I recommend it.

Also Writing for the new “All New Writers Quote Challenge” now hosted by Bernadette and Jacqueline

Monday Morning Melts which is sharing a poem, story, or photo inspired by the week’s song-lyrics-prompt.

Thank you to all my followers 720 increased by 70 in a month, I appreciate every one of you, you make my day, I will still be reading your posts liking and commenting on my cellphone, which I’m still learning how to use with WordPress.

I started my blog 4th January 2016, since then I have written 514 posts in a year, 48 posts for December.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and may you all have a wonderful 2017, stay happy and keep smiling.

7 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories – December 2016

    • Thanks for commenting and asking a question, which made me think about it. There were many but I think the most rewarding one was all the friends I made who followed me I now know many of them as personal friends that I would love to meet them face to face over a cup of coffee.
      MY greatest accomplishment was after a few months of settling in I wrote every day and never missed a post even on my busiest days of selling our farm and shifting into our town house, retiring.
      Wishing you and everyone reading this comment a Happy 2017 with lots of laughter and fun.

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