Six Sentence Stories – Mark Twain or What Mark?

Six Sentence Stories/36 – Mark Twain or What Mark?


This week’s cue “Mark”, Six Sentences, no more, no less, any genre, link up in above URL

Not sure what is meant by the cue “Mark”, is it what the teacher does “Mark your Work” to see if it’s correct?

Or “quotation mark”, full stop, the mark at the end of this sentence.

Or a mark where you have staked, as the place where you want to plant a tree for future generations?

So I have gone for a Quote by “Mark Twain” which covers the story of this predicament I’m in, I think I have lost the plot.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure”. – Mark Twain

And yes it’s another “Mark”, That’s six sentences, Happy Christmas everyone.

9 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – Mark Twain or What Mark?

    • Very true, every time I thought of the word mark and what to write, I could only think of Mark Twain, so I decided to add him in the post, that quote certainly speaks well as you said.
      Happy Christmas and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Never heard that particular quote, very true, of course. The appearance of confidence, for better or for worse, trumps the depth of qualification and thought ever time! (At the Doctrine we have a saying about one of the three personality types, the one that is the ‘natural leader’ of the three, ‘they are frequently wrong, but never uncertain’.)
    fun Six

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