Six Sentence Stories – Home under Construction


Six Sentence Stories – Home under Construction

Home is where the heart is.

This home under construction looks like it’s been deserted, no one is working on it, the ladder hasn’t been used for some time the grass is starting to overgrow it.

You can see someone loved working on the plan for this new home.

Maybe they ran out of money to get the windows in or otherwise there has been a problem getting the glass, maybe it’s an out of the way property and the cost have been too high in other words they have run out of money to finish building it.

So someone had a wonderful plan for building an exciting home which has come to a standstill, so sad.

They have even started planting the section with shrubs, that look like they have been planted some time ago, sad state of affair for such an interesting looking home.


This week’s cue is “Home”

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12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories – Home under Construction

  1. Wonderful observations! I find myself always wanting to know the rest of the story, like the abandoned farmhouse across the road from me. What family lived there, and why did they simply leave? It’s falling down now in disrepair, that makes me sad, just as this photo tale does. I hope that the builder’s life took a turn that worked out much better!

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    • Thanks for commenting. Like you said “I wonder” sometimes we never find the answer but it keeps our brain healthy, thinking.
      It is a shame how some beautiful homes get neglected and left to fall down when there are so many homeless people around.
      Have a nice weekend.


  2. We see a deserted under construction home on a nearby road. It was started over 25 years ago. No windows are in it and it has sat for that long, just a shell that is slowly deteriorating. We often comment – “wonder what the story is there?” Your sentences outline some interesting reasons.

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