#The Writer’s Quote Challenge-3- Anger


#The Writer’s Quote Challenge-3

The Writer’s Quote Challenge is a weekly event. Each Thursday, the hostess(es) Bernadette & Jacqueline will post a weekly prompt.

Either make up your own sayings or use a quote from a famous author that you find gives you inspiration.

“Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it…Don’t allow his anger to become your anger.”

Bohdi Sanders

I have learnt the hard way with this one and it was a family member, which is still breaking my heart ten months later.

Now Christmas is approaching very fast, I would love to see my two youngest grand children, but I’m forbidden to ever approach them again.

I’m hoping that by writing this it will give me the strength I need to cope with this Christmas without my two priceless  grand children.

I must not look back, at the aftermath of past disappointments, sorrows, and pain, for blessed, is those that move on.

Blessings to all my readers.

14 thoughts on “#The Writer’s Quote Challenge-3- Anger

  1. I am sorry this will make a hard Christmas for you. We have some murky stuff going on in our wider family. I am not the key figure, and it is all out of my control but it still impacts on all of us. It truly is very difficult.

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