NanoPoblano 2016 – Day Six – Feeling lost Today


#NaBloPoMo – Day six of – Cheer Peppers NanoPoblano 30 Day Challenge.


I have been so on top of everything for a few months now, writing a post every day, plus keeping up with a busy life with shifting, having the farm on the market, which wasn’t sold, it is now being leased.

I think the hardest part was selling the animals, getting them off to the market, now we don’t own any animals. That was very tuff on the body, like losing your best friend.

Now I have the feeling of being completely burnt out, it is taking all of me to keep writing, but I must do it for peace of mind and body.

I have been browsing the internet looking for a nice photo to post for this very hard to write a post, my mind and thoughts are blocked, so hopefully I can continue writing a piece of rubbish using this photo as a prompt.

Was there a Murder?

Walking along the path of a particularly thickly clad bush lane where there seemed to be no life, the birds were non-existent, wondering how the sun managed to sneak through those tall trees, as I rounded the corner with my mind completely lost in thought, I took no notice of what looked like someone walking along the track, not keeping very alert I kept walking, then all of a sudden there was a piercing scream which woke me up from my dream.

I noticed a bench in front of me, my first move was panic my mind froze, I didn’t know what was going on, but for sure it wasn’t a place for an old lady to be taking a walk, not looking to see where the scream came from, I turned around and start running back in the direction I had come from, knowing I had entered this track from the clearing, I made it without mishap.

Being rather shaken I keep walking back to my shack where my friend was sitting by the door reading a book, I told her about the scream, she said best to forget it and not go back there as we were leaving the next morning, hoping whatever that scream was that someone else had sorted it out as it wasn’t a place for me to be.

That night I had a nightmare – Those tall trees were sheltering monsters and they were all jumping down in front of me and dancing around shouting traitor, traitor, and poking at my face with their spidery fingers, now I knew why there was no life in that forest who would want to live there, was a thought, but what was I going to do to escape this, one grabbed my hand I screamed, next thing I knew, my friend was holding me in her arms trying to comfort me.

Finally, I settled down and managed a few more hours of sleep.

Next morning we were out of that place very early, I read in the paper that there had been a death on that walkway, I still don’t know if it was accidental or a murder, but I’m sure the coroner will find out, but I never read or heard what the result was.


6 thoughts on “NanoPoblano 2016 – Day Six – Feeling lost Today

  1. My gosh, you sure have been going through changes in your life. How you keep up is phenomenal. Sorry about the animals. It must be very, very difficult time right now. A big letting go of so much of the past. Now you are moving to newness. Good luck to you. Keep breathing, and resting.

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  2. I understand that it is difficult to keep up with everything especially when life seems to be changing so much! 😔 Taking care of you is most important!! ❤️ Art helps me and it sounds like writing helps you. I hope things get better for you soon, my friend! 😊

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