#NaBloPoMo – Day Two – Creepy Halloween Garden Party


Creepy Halloween Garden Party

Everything was set up, the lanterns and candles were going making the trees glow, all waiting in anticipation, of the coming invasion of bodies dressed in costumes, the bats, and creepy crawlies are waiting to caress and charm the first body that came within reach, or leans against their trunk.

In the semi darkness you can see the creepy cloth all moving in the gentle breeze, the bats are grinning showing their teeth wondering which body to aim for first.

The spooky skeleton bones are shaking and ready to make the first move, as shadows appear around the corner.

To one side of the garden a special restrooms have been set up, to save entering the house where children would be sleeping over, under the supervision of a caregiver, so the parents could enjoy that wonderful creepy garden party altogether, without fear of their children suffering the frights of all the haunting scary ghostly creatures, and activities frightening the children to death.

The restroom has it’s Skeleton Restroom Door Cover in the front, and the toilet seat has it’s special cover on, hopefully no one will be afraid to use it, if so there’s always indoors, where anyone too scared to enter can make an excuse that they need to check and make sure the children are okay and use the indoor toilet, but maybe they are not all clear of those spooks either.

The music, which will be playing hauntingly softly in the gentle breeze around the garden with the frightfully essential Halloween sounds, such as howling wolves, moaning ghosts, snarling monsters, screaming victims, spiders webs, and other creepy things, who’s to know what’s hanging around the next corner waiting.

The marquee is set with all the haunt props gently swinging, and making groaning noises as the masked guests walk past with their glasses of bloody mary, eating those ghoulish goodies set around the seating, amongst the graveyard and tombstones that have set up amongst the flickering candle sets that run on long-lasting batteries, and creepy black cloth, with hanging bats and collection of spooky skeleton bones, spread across the haunted house graveyard, ghosts, hanging in dark corners waiting to slither past the next shadow that enters the marquee, with that smell creeping through the garden, what is it the smell of death, is it coming from those skeleton bones.

Then that blood-curdling scream, all is quiet. What was that?

Well, that’s real scary fun I wonder what’s around the corner?

Maybe you will have to wait until next years Halloween for the story to continue.


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