My Monthly Memories – October 2016


My Monthly Memories – October 2016

I was invited by Basant to join her in “My Monthly Memories” for 2016.

October 2016 was a very busy month for me, writing a post every day, travelling 70 km’s every day to feeding cows, then marketing them, cleaning the farmhouse, etc but I finally may it to the end of October.

So I wrote Tanka poetry for 31 days for OctPoWriMo, a few other bits, and pieces but NaNoWriMo never really got anywhere as I never had the time to work out how many words I wrote daily, so that mission failed.

Thank you to all my followers, 555, I appreciate you all.

Short and sweet post this month. Blessings to you all, may November be bright and successful with all your writing endeavours.

9 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories – October 2016

    • Yes, it has been a bit of a challenge, but writing is probably the only time I get to relax. Looking forward to retiring if that’s possible.
      Blessings to you my friend, I enjoy our conversations.

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  1. You are indeed a strong woman, determined and creative. Your tanka poetry through this month was spectacular. Now that I know what else you did everyday besides tanka, wow, I am impressed with your stamina and zeal for writing (relaxing). I am the same, writing is my therapy and relaxation time. Have a good week Elsie.


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