Tanka Challenge: Vacant workshop

This is Shelley first tanker poem. It is perfect, looking forward to reading more.

Life In My Tin Can


Open the shutters

Halloween decor all over

Dust as thick as thieves

Cobwebs swaying to and fro

Time to gut all these pumpkins

This is my first attempt with Tanka, I participated in a challenge offered by: Ramblings Of A Writer

week 16 – Decorations & pumpkins

Thank you, for this challenge, I enjoyed myself!

I’m hoping I did all of this right?

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3 thoughts on “Tanka Challenge: Vacant workshop

  1. Hi Shelly, Kiwi Nana,*
    Please don’t hate me for I am new to this English/Japanese way of way writing poetry too. I can see your aware of the significance of the syllable count, however Halloween contains 3, décor 2, all 1 and over 2, so as you can see, one to many for that line One other, (so I’ve read), important factor is that the third line in the Tanka must end the sentence of which the first three lines make up, as in:

    Open the shutters, Halloween décor all over, dust as thick as thieves.

    It must then start the second sentence as in:
    Dust as thick as thieves, cobwebs swaying to and fro, time to gut all these pumpkins.

    Hi Kiwi Nana,
    With respect, and a great big THANK YOU, for it was your Tanka challenge of week 21, ‘Autumn & Winter too, that now has me finally addicted, and I must confess Ronovan, (link below), had dealings in that too. Some other things I read about is that, nature is/was the theme applied to all form of this Japanese concept. re poetry. Another point relevant to this style is, that lines don’t have to rhyme, not suggesting that you did not know any of these rules, sincerely not the case. I cant emphasize enough re the latter; for it is only my desire to learn more about this form of poetic art that I now look for ways of improving my knowledge, I have a feeling it was a spiritual thing with the Japanese and if the writing/s did not conform to the relevant syllable counts for each line for any of the formats then it would be discarded. I hasten to add that back in the day any form containing errors would probably not of reached the publication stage. Still on life’s learning curve, keep the challenges coming,

    Mick ☮
    * Just realised, do you actually look after these amazing, but endangered birds?



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