#dVerse Quadrille – No Spark Here


#dVerse – No Spark Here

Winters gone

weather warming up

birds are singing

No Spark here

Christmas approaching

where do I start

family scattered in every direction

where have those years gone

Great grandchildren

hardly know their great grandparents

sadly they all have their own life

No Spark Here.

In response to dVerse‘s Quadrille #119

9 thoughts on “#dVerse Quadrille – No Spark Here

  1. Truly that’s A saddest
    fAll of a social animal
    wHole a place
    is replaced
    by fleeting
    from Love..
    sPArks Sing
    wHere hUmans hug..
    or at lEast come toGEther
    to dance once a week WiTh SMiLes..:)


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